Sir Chris Hoy salutes Eyemouth

Sir Chris Hoy promoting Sports week
Sir Chris Hoy promoting Sports week

FOUR-TIME Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy saluted Eyemouth High School after officially declaring the Bank of Scotland National School Sport Week (June 6-10) open on Monday.

Eyemouth High School are one of 1,400 schools, a number almost doubled from last year, from every region of Scotland taking part in a range of activities throughoutn the week, including opening and closing ceremonies and torch relays.

Sir Chris met the Eyemouth pupils involved at Glasgow’s Scotstoun Stadium on Monday alongside fellow Olympic gold medallist Jason Gardener and three-time Olympic silver medallist Katherine Grainger.

“It’s fantastic for Eyemouth to be involved in National School Sport Week because I think it is a great event for children across the country to be trying new things and being involved in sport,” said Sir Chris.

“There is double the number of schools involved in the week than there was last year across Scotland so it is a huge event and is gathering momentum which is fantastic and it’s great to see so many people involved.

“School is crucial - I was very lucky in my sport in that they pushed sport and gave you the opportunity. I can’t overstate the importance of sport in terms of your development and life and fitness in general. There’s so many positive things that you can get from it so it’s great to see so many schools involved in the week.”

Delivered in partnership with sportscotland the opening of Bank of Scotland National School Sport Week was marked by 160 pupils breaking the world record for the most people to run 100m in a one-hour relay.

And Sir Chris – not only a four-time Olympic champion but ten-time world champion – is adamant the week-long event will inspire children to follow in his successful wheel tracks.

“It’s a fantastic week promoting sport for kids in school and getting them to try things that they might not necessarily have tried before is a great idea,” added Sir Chris.

“If they find out that they like a particular sport then they can carry that on in the future which is great. Like myself, cycling is quite a niche sport and if I hadn’t had the chance to try it then I wouldn’t be doing it now.”

Bank of Scotland National School Sport Week uses London 2012 to inspire children to achieve a personal best in Olympic and Paralympic sports, please visit -