Rain fails to dampen competitors’ spirits

Bunrmouth Brae Cycle Race winner, Tim  Cain.
Bunrmouth Brae Cycle Race winner, Tim Cain.

The 24th annual Burnmouth Brae races took place on Saturday in wet and cold conditions.

But competitors and spectators alike refused to let the rain put a dampner on things, and some record-breaking runs were recorded, despite the conditions.

Bunrmouth Brae Sprint Colin Stevenson who won the overall day, seen here winning the Brae Sprint.

Bunrmouth Brae Sprint Colin Stevenson who won the overall day, seen here winning the Brae Sprint.

Margaret Driscoll, chair of the Burnmouth RNLI, who organise the annual event, said: “The weather wasn’t too kind to us, I think it was one of the worst days we have had since we started!

“It was cold and wet for a while, but the cold probably affected the spectators more than the athletes, and apart from the weather it was a good day.”

Rowan Marr won the Junior Mile in a new record time of four minutes 56 seconds; Nathan Cox completed the Junior Brae Sprint in two minutes 33 seconds - the fastest time ever recorded by an under 14 year old; and Beckie Couch became the fastest-ever girl under 16 to complete the Junior Brae Sprint, after covering the course in two minutes, 51 seconds.

Previous records were also tested in the senior races, with Colin Stevenson completing the whole course (the Burnmouth Challenge Run, the Burnmouth Brae Cycle, and the Burnmouth Brae Sprint) in the fastest time to date, 22 minutes, 37 seconds.

As usual, this keenly contested Berwickshire event attracted a good range of competitors, from as far a field as Linlithgow and even Portsmouth (the winning woman in the Brae cycle, Sarah Allan), as well as the locals, both regular runners and newcomers.

Among the more popular competitors were five year-old Theo Parker, and Laura Hogarth and Lily McMullan (both four).

“You should have heard the crowd cheering them!” Margaret said. “All three were very determined, when they saw the finish line they gave it their all.”

Margaret said it was nice to see a strong field in the junior races, with 13 running in the junior mile and 10 entries for the Brae Sprint (junior).

She added: “We couldn’t put this event on without our sponsors. It’s becoming more and more difficult finding sponsors, so we’re very grateful for the help we receive year after year - we couldn’t do it without them.”

See the Digest (below) for the full list of results.