‘Makeover or takeover’ for Bandits

Berwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick Bandits Speedway

Berwick Speedway needs a ‘makeover or a takeover’ - that’s the message from the club.

The Bandits are looking for further financial input and help, or face the possibility of closure this winter.

The sport has been running in north Northumberland - at Shielfield and Berrington Lough - for almost 50 years, and has become an integral part of sporting life in the region.

The club have admitted that they have not been inundated with offers, but have reiterated the fact that it is not simply about the money.

Promoter John Anderson said: “We are all stretched to the absolute limit of our endurance by running the club.

“We work in our own businesses all week while fielding calls about speedway or giving physical time to attend to speedway matters, and after all that, and after being on the go from six or seven on a Saturday morning and going flat out all day, we have to then turn on the smiles and promote a meeting!

“This isn’t about money. Yes, we always need more money, but we need new people to help us carry the club forward.

“No matter what we try to do, we get so dispirited when some sad folk still criticise us because injuries have decimated a good team and we’re losing matches while replacement riders, good new assets, are finding their feet in British racing, well, I invite these critics to put up or shut up.

“Let me say this, I will do everything in my power, explore every possible avenue to stop speedway closing down at Berwick.

“I have instructed that a 24/7 hotline be set up, using our Banditfone number (07785-567109) for meaningful calls or texts to set up meetings or discussions. Other than during racing, use this number and talk to us! Alternatively, speak to any member of the club’s administration on a Saturday night about your interest.

“I’ve been a supporter of speedway for well over 50 years at Old Meadowbank before Berwick, and I want people here to continue to enjoy their Saturday nights for a long time to come.

“However, I have to make it clear, yes, we need investment to help with the bills, but we need help in the boardroom to guide the club into a sustainable future and we need it now.

“Other than that, we need a complete buy-out of our holdings and a new ownership.

“We need a makeover or a takeover, it’s as simple as that.”