Lizzie Foxton and Maddie Rosher both get British Gymnastics medals

Maddie (left) and Lizzie
Maddie (left) and Lizzie

Lizzie Foxton (Berwick) and Maddie Rosher (Duns) won medals against seven of the highest calibre tumblers in the country at the British Gymnastics NDP Finals.

Coventry’s Ricoh Arena was the venue from July 12-14 as Maddie competed at NDP Level 3 Women 11- 12 years and Lizzie at NDP Level 5 Women Under 13.
On competition day, Maddie quite simply produced three very assured runs in front of a packed audience and a judging panel of British Gymnastics National or higher qualified levels.
She made no significant errors at all and the result was a national silver medal, a first for DC Gymnastics, and an incredible achievement.
Maddie’s mum Lesley, speaking shortly after the result had been displayed on BG Score (a system which streams live results and video to the world), and with a celebratory glass in her hand, said: “I’m incredibly proud. The hard work over years that has been put into getting here is staggering.
“But Maddie would not be here without all the gymnastics family that is DC Gymnastics.
“A huge shout out to all her fellow squad members who make training fun and a massive thanks to Debbie Couch (head coach) for her amazing support.”
Then, on the Sunday, it was Lizzie Foxton’s turn to compete in three runs at NDP Level 5, which is intensely demanding, and she won a bronze medal.
Lizzie’s third run involved a finish where she drove herself vertical into the air, backwards, reaching a height of about twice her own, completed a full somersault and, while doing so, added in two full twists (so a 720 degree rotation) to land without a step, perfectly still.
DC Gymnastics managing director Neil Couch said: “For us to have two tumblers medal at British Gymnastics National level, against the best clubs and tumblers in the country, is a real indication of the quality training we deliver.
“Small compared with every other club competing, and for sure the furthest north in England, DC Gymnastics is producing something very special for our region, with these young people in year four of the centre’s existence.”