Judo stars put on brave showing at nationals

David and Johnny with the medals they won in Motherwell.
David and Johnny with the medals they won in Motherwell.

Last weekend saw the best judoka in Scotland gathering at Motherwell for the Scottish National Championships 2016.

The two-day event aimed at judoka aged eight-18 years-old kicked off on Saturday with the A and AA Bands.

Foulden-based East March-Sportif Judo Club put forward three players to fight for the most sought after medals of the Scottish year.

Saturday saw Amy Rutherford (8) make the big step up to Championship level. Competing in the AA Band Girls U36kg Amy had three very strong rounds to fight in. After putting up a brave battle she was knocked out of the placings.

On Sunday it was the turn of the Pre Cadets, Cadets and Juniors. First on for East March was David Fotheringham (16) in the Cadet Boys U55kg. The pressure was on for Fotheringham as he was fighting to retain his title. In his first fight he executed a spectacular rolling strangle to submit his opponent just 18 seconds into the match.

Fotheringham’s second fight was against the current British Champion. Within the first 20 seconds David threw him for yoko. A battle of strength and control then ensued and in the final few seconds Fotheringham was thrown for Ippon.

Unnerved and full of determination, he entered his third fight. This time an arm bar submission in 1min 4secs saw him secure the bronze medal. Coach Peter Gardiner said: “David was amazing today. That’s the best he has ever been.”

Next on was Johnny Rutherford (13) in the Pre Cadet Boys U46kg.

Narrowly losing his first fight to a hold down, Rutherford returned for his second match. This time he gave his opponent no chances and with a good strong throw he scored Ippon and moved into the bronze medal contest. Using all his strength Johnny held his opponent down and took the bronze.

In the afternoon Fotheringham returned to compete for the first time as a Junior. The first fight lasted the until full time but saw Fotheringham win after scoring a wazari and a yuko.

The second match was very strong with both players equally matched. David just missing out on an arm bar before being beaten by the same move in the last 30 seconds.

The final match was a hard battle lasting full time. Again Fotheringham claiming victory with two yokos and a wazari and bringing home his second bronze medal of the day to Foulden.

Coach George Tones said: “These two boys have done the club proud and ensured East Marches place on the judo map.”