Excellent performances as Limpers toast 2020 with plenty of activity

Lauderdale Limpers extended a hearty ‘well done’ to almost 100 runners who participated in the annual January 2 social run, reports Jim Pearson.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 2:30 pm
Some of the Lauderdale Limpers at Sunday's run.

This event is jointly organised by Gala Harriers and Lauderdale Limpers – however, owing to its popularity, runners from many of the other local clubs also entered.

The event was split into three elements, with the starts including 10 miles at the Lauder Public Park pavilion, Blue Cairn (4 miles in) and Mosshouses (6 miles in), with the end at Melrose Rugby Club.

The race took place in mild temperatures but with a strong headwind, making the run a bit more challenging, particularly during the first three miles.

Underfoot, the conditions varied from soft to wet and muddy.

The Run off the Christmas Pudding 13k event was held on Sunday in very mild and calm conditions.

Over 120 runners crossed the finishing line, with the first Limper home (16th overall) being Chloe Summerfield in a very respectable 1.04.44.

The event start line was at the disused Melrose Railway Station.

The route then followed an anti-clockwise direction, a flat first mile followed by an uphill two-mile surfaced road.

It then took a gradual downhill section, followed by a left turn heading on to a trail path, which then took entrants around the Eildons.

On leaving the forest section, the run went down to the Rhymers Stone.

The last mile was a much-welcomed downhill section, finishing at the Melrose Abbey. The event afforded fabulous views, great trail routes, well organised and well attended.

On Monday evening, the first of a series of ‘Couch to 5k’ sessions was held at the Lauderdale Hotel.

Graeme Sutherland, the Limpers coach, will be leading the first of many weekly evening events, encouraging all to meet their personal challenges.

The Limpers’ Leahn Parry finished eighth overall, third veteran at the Kielder MTB Duathlon. This event comprised an 8km trail run, 24km mountain bike and 7km tail run.