Duns duo in Scottish Masters teams

Moira Anderson (right) and Carolyn Buckley
Moira Anderson (right) and Carolyn Buckley

Two Duns hockey players were members of the Scottish Masters Hockey teams which travelled to Durham to play a weekend of training matches against the North of England.

Carolyn Allison played for the over 50s team while Moira Anderson played for the over 60s team. Other Borders players taking part were Jackie Wilson, Fjordhus Reivers (over 45s) and Janet Jack, Fjordhus Reivers (over 50s).

Carolyn’s over 50’s team, lost their matches 2-0 and 2-1. However, they had four key players missing from their team so they were not too disappointed with the results. Moira’s over 60s team lost their matches 2-0 and 4-0.

To prepare for the Home Countries Tournament at the end of June the squads will now meet in Stirling on Sunday, May 22, for training, coaching and matches. Moira Anderson is happy to be included in over 55’s squad and will be working hard to improve fitness to perform well in the forthcoming tournament.

Carolyn and Moira are grateful to the Club Sport Berwickshire for their grants which help towards expenses.