Duns Cross Country

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Over 270 competitors took part in Berwickshire Hunt’s Cross Country Day held at Duns Castle on Sunday.

The event was blessed with good weather – a welcome window in an otherwise cold and wet few days.

The day was much enjoyed by the 240 competitors who took part in the Hunter Trials, Pairs and Team Competitions while a further 30 took part in the Non-Competitive Hill Ride.

Robbie Hunter representing Crabtree & Crabtree, the event’s new joint sponsors, presented prizes with Hugh Briggs of Harbro who have been the events main sponsors for many years – and with Alick and Aline Hay who made their wonderful setting at Duns Castle available for the day.

The results were as follows:

Class 1 Novice Section A - 1. Kirsty Bewis (Monkey), 2. J. Roxburgh-Lowrie (Zolita), 3. equal Louise Clark (Boo) and Kirstyn Duff (Marley), 5. Hannah Thomson (Bailey), 6. Pam Turnbull (Lennon). Novice Section B - 1. Louise Clark (Connie), 2. Kirsty Brewis (Honey), 3. Katie Stephen (Carter), 4. Beccy Dunn, 5. Gayle McGeary (Quio), 6. Amber Graham (Snowy).

Class 2 Novice Pairs - 1. Cicely Jeffrey (Big) and Reannan Davidson (Jonathon), 2. Morag Mazzoni (Garry) and Claire Hardie (Annie), 3. Jenny Foster (Laughing Law) and Ellen Renton (Bracken), 4. Rachel McAnany (Roxy Music) and Rebecca Bowden (Crag Storm).

Class 3 Novie Teams - 1. Three Amigos (Louise Hebdon and Blue Shadow, Erin Lathangie and Lakeside Caquary Lady and Rosie Robson and Wells Boy), 2. The Domestics (Richard Swan and Beau, Jeanna Swan and Simon and Gina Walker), 3. The Bedlington Terriers (Samantha Graham and Milly, Laura Wright and Alfi and Holly Nelson and Dandy), 4. The Mucky Monsters (Shauna McCombie and Kelly, Eilidh Drummond and The Governor and Stacey Miller and Mounthazel Lad).

Class 4 Open - 1. Kirsty Brewis (Denis), 2. Louise Clark (Coco), 3. Tiffany McTaggart (Herbie), 4. Jo Luton (Wincy), 5. Abbie Forster (Roly), 6. Lee Robinson (Vanilla Sky).

Class 5 Open Pairs - 1. Stephen Runciman (Patch) and Sarah Finlayson (Baro Castlecoole).

Class 6 Open Teams - 1. The Latecomers (Amy Brown and Zanbro, Ellen Renton and Connor and Niki Horne and Kasilia).

Class 7 Nursery - 1. Christine Chesser (Commy), 2. Rachel Lynn (Lucky Lennon), 3. Shana Lindsay (Lucky), 4. Ruth Farnsworth (Millie), 5. Catherine Watret (Matchwood Joker), 6. Sarah Finlayson (Tra Bhain Kate).

Such was the popularity and success of the day that Alick and Aline Hay have very kindly offered their lovely parkland for a second day on Sunday, March 22. Entry forms can be downloaded from the Berwickshire Hunt website

There will be no Hill Ride from Duns Castle on that day but riders interested in Hill Rides can enter the Lauderdale Hunt Ride from Wedderlie, details on