Duns ASC's new Joyce Waddell Award won by Kirsten Bennet and Liam Warner

The first recipients of the award, Kirsten Bennet and Liam Warner.
The first recipients of the award, Kirsten Bennet and Liam Warner.

Duns ASC have introduced an award for former head coach Joyce Waddell, who sadly passed away recently.

The Club wanted to recognise Joyce’s achievements and leave a lasting reminder about all that was important to her as a coach.

The Duns team that travelled to Tranent

The Duns team that travelled to Tranent

With this in mind, the club introduced an annual senior and junior award with recipients being chosen by the club head coach based on the following specific criteria and values which were close to Joyce’s coaching heart:

Trying your best no matter how talented a swimmer you are, training consistently, a willingness to take onboard new skills and information, being a team player and showing good sportsmanship at all times.

The first recipients of the award are Kirsten Bennet and Liam Warner.

Meanwhile, Duns ASC swimmers were in action at the Tranent Christmas Gala at the weekend.

The team set off with santa hats and singing voices primed and ready for a day of fun and fast paced racing.

Wonderful team spirit, great swims and personal bests on the day from team Duns were achieved on an impressive day of results for the swimmers.

Chloe and Liam flew the flag for Duns in the morning session with Kayla, Nicole, Tilly, Poppy, Kirsten, Gaby, Rachael, Ellenor, Harry, Liam, Alfie, Ewan, Sam, Tyler, Daniel, Lewis and Kacper in the afternoon session.

Medallists on the day were as follows: 50m butterfly : Rachael and Kacper Gold, Gaby and Tyler Silver, Lewis Bronze
50m backstroke:- Rachael, Gaby, Tyler and Kacper Gold, Lewis Silver
50m breaststroke;- Tyler and Kacper Gold, Gaby Bronze
100m freestyle :- Rachael , Ellenor, and Kacper Gold! Tyler Silver, Gaby and Lewis Bronze
100 IM :- Kacper Gold, Gaby, Tyler and Lewis Silver
4 x 50m freestyle Relay
A team:- Rachael, Ewan, Kayla and Kacper Bronze
B team:- Poppy, Harry, Tilly, Daniel - seventh.
Duns ASC thanked coaches Neil and Kirk for their efforts.