Berwickshire High sports

The near perfect conditions last week for Berwickshire High School’s Annual Athletics Championships resulted in four records being broken.

The field events were held prior to the day itself which takes the form of a track meet.

The house championship was won by Home with Clark second, Scott third and Douglas fourth.

Four new school records were set this year. In the S1 girls javelin Caitlin Black broke Lynsey Craik’s 1992 record of 21.55m setting a new record of 22.91m. Caitlin also managed to break Kate Turnbull’s 2005 S1 girls shot putt record of 8.51m with a new distance of 8.7m.

In the S2 girls javelin Keira Waddell broke Morag Stevenson’s 1980 record of 26.1m setting a new record of 27.72m. Katie Browne continued her annual tradition of breaking schools athletics records with a time of 12.94s in the senior girls 100m to take Susan Marshall’s (Hunter) 1978 record of 13.10s.

The individual champions were as follows: S1 boys champion Jamie Kinghorn, r/u Robbie Paulin; S1 girls champion Caitlin Black, r/u Ellie Lough; S2 boys champion Musa Buddin, r/u Joey Brown; S2 girls champion Eilidh Archibald, r/u Hannah Wilkes; S3 boys champion Callum Chamberlain, r/u Callum Tharme; S3 girls champion Rosie Browne, r/u Leona Rhind; Senior boys champion Ronan McDougall, r/u Daniel Conyers; Senior girls champion Katie Browne, r/u Ellenor Gracey

Individual results: S1 Boys - Shot, Fergus Murray 7.63m; Discus, Fergus Murray 20.8m; Long jump, Fergus Murray 4.14m; Javelin, Rory Williams 20.72m; 100m, Robbie Paulin 13.0s; 200m, Jamie Kinghorn 27.2s; 800m, Jamie Kinghorn 2.28.99; 1500m, Jamie Kinghorn 5.17.58s.

S1 Girls - Shot, Caitlin Black 8.7m; Discus, Courtney Bell 15.11m; Long jump, Caitlin Black 3.7m; Javelin, Caitlin Black 22.91m; 100m, Caitlin Black 14.99s; 200m, Caitlin Black 33.97; 800m, Jade Longstaff 3.09.92s; 1500m, Marnie Orr 6.55.30s.

S2 Boys - Shot, Jay Douglas 8.33m; Discus, Callum Smith 19.9m; Long jump, Ethan Deakin 4.52m; Javelin, Ethan Deakin 21.02m; 100m, Musa Buddin 13.06s; 200m, Musa Buddin 28.8s; 800m, Connor Jackson 2.33.15s; 1500m, Joey Brown 5.32.68s.

S2 Girls - Shot, Mia Kinghorn 7.21m; Discus, Jennifer Miller 19.79m; Long jump, Eilidh Archibald 4.46m; Javelin, Keira Waddell 27.72m; 100m, Eilidh Archibald 14.35s; 200m, Eilidh Archibald 31.4s; 800m, Hannah Wilkes 3.07.97s; 1500m, Hannah Wilkes 6.36.22s.

S3 Boys - Shot, Callum Chamberlain 9.41m; Discus, Callum Chamberlain 28.76m; Long jump, Callum Chamberlain 5.14m; Javelin, Callum Chamberlain 31.90m; 100m, Callum Chamberlain 12.43s; 200m, Callum Chamberlain 26.14s; 800m, Callum Tharme 2.19.67s; 1500m, Callum Tharme 4.51.30s.

S3 Girls - Shot, Leona Rhind 6.69m; Discus, Katie Watson 17.54m; Long jump, Leona Rhind 3.86m; Javelin, Matea Clay-Parker 15.6m; 100m, Rosie Browne 13.49s; 200m, Rosie Browne 28.7s; 800m, Rosie Browne 2.53.91s; 1500m, Leona Rhind 6.47.32s.

Senior Boys - Shot, Michael Thomson 11.09m; Discus, Maitland Murray 27.22m; Long jump, Michael Thomson 5.31m; Javelin, Maitland Murray 33.95m; 100m, Daniel Conyers 12.53s; 200m, Daniel Conyers 25.97s; 800m, Duncan Sim 2.25.02s; 1500m, Ronan McDougall 5.31.32s.

Senior Girls - Shot, Katie Browne 7.57m; Discus, Katie Browne 18.59m; Long jump, Katie Browne 4.5m; Javelin, Alexandra Vallance 27.48m; 100m, Katie Browne 12.94s; 200m, Katie Browne 29.48s; 800m, Ellenor Gracey 2.48.0s; 1500m, Ellenor Gracey 6.12.44s.

Relay results: S1 boys Scott, S1 girls Home, S2 boys Clark, S2 girls Clark, S3 boys Home, S3 girls Home, Senior boys Scott and Senior girls Scott.

The trophies were presented at the end of the championships by Ronald Drummond, principal teacher of guidance for Clark who is retiring after 40 years’ service to the BHS. This event was also the end of an era for Clark, as the school reverts back to three houses with Douglas, Home and Scott.