Berwick gymnasts represent town at Gateshead's Sage

Team briefing on day 1 of 11 training sessions
Team briefing on day 1 of 11 training sessions

DC Gymnastics entered a team of 22 Gymnasts to a British Gymnastics GymFusion display event, at the Sage in Gateshead, on Sunday, October 21.

GymFusion events are part of the British Gymnastics National Festivals Programme, GymFusion being described by British Gymnastics as “a gymnastics event like no other – whether you are a gymnast taking part, or a spectator in the crowd, GymFusion is a show-style festival that you just won’t want to miss.”

Imogen completes a round off flick

Imogen completes a round off flick

For DC Gymnastics the event was a superb way for Gymnasts of all levels to create an amazingly fun team display, then deliver it in the globally recognisable venue of the Sage, while integrating a diverse range of Gymnastics disciplines; Tumbling, artistic, sports acrobatics.

Head Coach Debbie Couch was impressed with how the day went, and thanked staff for putting in the time and effort to make it possible.

“Massive thanks to Amy and Becki, the two DC Gymnastics staff members who led this event,” she said.

“They created an incredibly fun display that demonstrated everything from simple to complex gymnastics skills, in six packed minutes of team gymnastics.

The squad practice choreography section for the 70s music section Stayin Alive music section. (For more pictures, buy tomorrow's Berwickshire News)

The squad practice choreography section for the 70s music section Stayin Alive music section. (For more pictures, buy tomorrow's Berwickshire News)

“Forward rolls to round off flick tuck back somersaults, in a choreographed display based around for us the theme of ‘music through time’, in front of spectators from around the north, in hall one of the Sage. Superb”

Over 20 hours of training for GymFusion took place at the Berwick based centre, in preparation for the event, with Gymnasts from both the Scottish Borders and Northumberland attending some of the most fun training sessions that the centre has ever delivered.

The fun being sparked by the Gymnasts, then channeled by the coaches into probably the most delightful training sessions possible.

Multiple music genres were embraced in the DC Gymnastics show, including metal.

GymFusion Gymnasts lived week after week for the Sunday GymFusion sessions, experiencing fantastic training and at the same time producing some of the best skills in their personal range.

Managing Director of the event, Neil Couch, added his thoughts on the weekend in the north of England.

“Participation in this superb British Gymnastics event is a demonstration of our club’s centres ‘Gymnastics for All’ ethos.

“We do have high ranking and podium placed champions operating at a national level, who train at our centre as athletes for more than 12 hours per week.

“These athletes have chosen to embark upon highly competitive and impressive gymnastics careers.

“However, our foundation is ‘Gymnastics for All’.

“We were supported by British Gymnastics as a ‘Gymnastics for All’ centre and firmly see our role in the sporting community of Berwick as such.”

A further example of this approach to sports delivery is that DC Gymnastics now have plans in place for November and December, to work with two local schools.

The club plans on taking gymnastics expertise into the Berwick community, to introduce as many people as possible to the sport.

Fun to high performance Gymnastics for the Borders and Northumberland community.

There will be further updates on DC Gymnastics next week, with the club preparing for four competitions and and running a high performance camp this Friday.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about DC Gymnastics, you can do so at: or by calling either 01289 303 459 or 07497 112 711.