Bandits are rocked by Kus £21,000 transfer request

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Berwick’ have been forced to re-think their team plans after their hopes of landing Matej Kus for a second year were scuppered.

The Bandits were keen to see the Czech Republic rider return to Shielfield in 2015 after a successful season on loan in 2014, when he was named as the club’s ‘Rider of the Year.’

Kus himself was also eager on the move, but this week it emerged any possible deal had been blocked by parent club Redcar, who slapped a massive £21,000 transfer fee on his head.

It was later confirmed Kus has rejoined the Bears and will race on Teesside next season.

Berwick promoter John Anderson has expressed his frustration at the situation claiming the transfer fee was ‘totally impossible.’

Anderson and fellow co-promoter Dennis McCleary spoke with Redcar promoter Brian Havelock at the recent Annual General Meeting, and according to the pair everything seemed ‘harmonious.’

The Bears sought permission, which was granted, to speak to Berwick asset David Bellego, who has since joined Sheffield on loan

“After the AGM, we quickly agreed a deal with Matej for him to ride for us in 2015 and emailed Redcar to confirm that we wished to take Matej back on loan, as is normal protocol,” said Anderson.

“Brian then told us he had changed his mind! He said he wanted Matej to ride at Redcar, which as owner of his contract is his prerogative of course, and that he would not sanction another loan to Berwick – the only way we could have the rider was by paying a transfer fee of £21,000!

“We cannot afford any kind of transfer fee, let alone one of £21K – in these troubled speedway times what club could, for a Premier League rider?

“We have spoken to Matej, who is currently racing in Australia, and told him the news – that Redcar want him to return to them instead of on loan at Berwick.

“The person I feel sorriest for in this situation is Matej. He went off to Australia believing all was well, and that he’d be back at Berwick in 2015.”