25 years ago

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 5th November 2011, 6:38 am

▼ the crew of an Eyemouth fishing boat were forced to abandon their vessel earlier this week when it started to take in water off the Berwickshire coast. The ‘Sean Too’ was fishing five miles off St Abbs Head on Tuesday morning when water began pouring through an outlet. On cutting out the engine, the water was noticed by skipper Eddie Dougal and crew member Darren Williamson, who subsequently shouted to the ‘Favourite’ another boat fishing in the area, to radio for the lifeboat. As the boat became heavier with water, the two men were forced to jump on board another vessel, the ‘Braw Lad’ which had gone alongside. The incident was caused by a burst pipe.

▼ a BERWICKSHIRE caravan park owner hit back this week at a claim that his site would not provide suitable accommodation for an international sea angling competition which may be held in the district. Lawson Wood of Northburn Caravan Park said he was inscensed by the claim which was made by Councillor James Evans, the chairman of Berwickshire District Council. Both Mr Wood and David Adamson, who owns the Driftwood Bar, feel that the site and the hotels in Eyemouth would provide ideal accommodation for the competitors and officials involved in the 1987 European Sea Angling Championships.

▼ BERWICkshire District Council’s director of finance, David Dewar is to make representations to the Scottish Office over the council’s expenditure guidelines for next year. At last week’s meeting of the council’s finance committee, Mr Dewar revealed that the council had been set a target spending of £984,000 for the financial year 1987/88, an increase of only 4.9 per cent on this year’s figure. If the council overspend they could be penalised by a reduction in rates support grant.

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▼ THE Bungalow Hotel near Chirnside closed its doors to business on Monday following police enquiries. A police spokesman said: “Following enquiries made by the Lothian and Borders Police Licensing Department into the operation of the Bungalow Hotel, Blanerne, Chirnside, the present occupier, Mr John Hendry, has ceased trading.”

▼ TWENTY feet of stone wall owned by Ayton Castle Estates was damaged following an accident on Friday afternoon. The accident happened at Kennels Cottage corner, Eyemouth, and involved a Ford Transit owned by Provincial Securities, Leicester. No-one was injured.

▼ ABOUT 4000 viewers in Eyemouth, Coldingham, St Abbs, Ayton, Reston and Chirnside, who receive Border Television Programmes from the TV relay transmitter about three miles south of Eyemouth can now tune to Channel 4. Additional equipment has been installed by the IBA to provide Channel 4 programmes and Channel 4 Oracle teletext pages on channel 29.

▼ CHANGING facilities at the swimming pool at Berwickshire High School, Duns, should be upgraded, and a joint study carried out on the possible provision of extended facilities. Borders Regional Council’s education committee recommended on Tuesday that a report be prepared on proposals for improving changing facilities at the sports complex. They also agreed that a joint study be carried out on the possible provision of other facilities such as a sauna, jacuzzi, fitness area, solarium and spectator area.

t CLARE Hardie, the young Duns badminton player, put in some fine performances when she represented Scotland in the under-12 Invitation Tournament at Telford on Saturday and Sunday. Clare won two of her games to finish runner-up in her singles pool but lost 15-13 to Clare Godfrey from Essex, the eventual pool winner. In the Girls Doubles, Clare was partnered by Leigh Thomas. The Scottish girls won two hard rounds but eventually went down to a strong Welsh couple in the quarter finals.

50 years ago

▼ WORD was received by Berwickshire county clerk Mr J B Smith, on Thursday, that the Transport Users’ Consultative Committee had agreed to the closure of the Eyemouth to Burnmouth branch line, and the addition of an early morning bus to take workers to Eyemouth and Berwick. It is understood that the county council will fight the decision of the British Transport Commission to close the branch line.

▼ YESTERDAY saw the last sale to be conducted at the Duns Fatstock Market. From now on the sale will take place weekly at Reston. Thus a connection with auctioneering going back to at least 1873 has been broken.

▼ BERWICKSHIRE County Council is to enter into an overspill agreement with Glasgow. It means that the county will then be regarded as a Development Area under the Local Employment Act 1960, thereby enabling any industrialist to apply for financial assistance from the Board of Trade. If an agreement is entered into there is no compulsion on the county council to erect the full number of houses stipulated in the agreement or even to implement the agreement in any form unless this is found necessary.

▼ CONCERN over the type of ambulances used in the county was expressed at a meeting of Berwickshire County Council, held at Duns on Wednesday. Some complaints have been made about the time they take, others complained they would be left with ramshackled vehicles which eventually would have to be pulled by horses. It was agreed that Dr Mitchell Innes, the medical officer of health and Provost McCallum look into the position.

▼ the first ball of the officer of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers since the amalgamation of the 4th and 5th Battalions was a great success when it took place in the Tait Hall, Kelso.

▼ A LETTER from a Greenlaw doctor referring to the “appalling” disregard by motorists of the 30mph sign on the Edinburgh-Greenlaw road, submitted to a meeting of the roads committee of Duns on Friday, is to be forwarded to the police.

t AT the top of the Berwickshire Amateur League is Chirnside with six points, while following very close on their heels are Eyemouth YC and Duns both with five points. Just behind them are Grantshouse with four points and then comes Eyemouth Offbeats with three points. Bringing up the rear is Coldingham with one point.

t PEOPLE in Eyemouth who live overlooking the pier and harbour are angry at the disturbance created during the early hours of the morning by men of the Port Seton fishing fleet who come into the Berwickshire port to unload their catches. The Port Seton boats - there are around 15 of them - come into Eyemouth almost always between midnight and four in the morning.

t INHABITANTS of houses at Lower Burnmouth are to be warned of the danger of landslips which might arise as a result of making gardens at the back of their homes.

100 years ago

▼ After having survived for a much longer period than anyone now living in the district can remember, Coldstream Reading Room and Library has been closed for the time being, owing to a lack of support. Although having so long a life, it cannot be said that the institution has had a particularly brilliant career. Thirty-five years ago there was a proposal to close the rooms, but it was decided to continue, and since then the institution managed to keep its head above water, until a few years ago, when, owing to the opposition in the form of reading clubs, it began to experience difficulty.

▼ A WESTERLY gale, unequalled in fury for many years, raged in the Border district during the while of Sunday, doing extensive damage in woods, gardens and fields. Tweed was in red flood, and running like a sea. During the day telegraphic and telephonic communication was completely stopped, and continued so during a large part of yesterday. Six cases of broken telephone wires were reported to the police at Berwick, and yesterday telegrams from Berwick Post Office south were being sent by Edinburgh. Considerable damage has been done at Greenlaw to thatched houses, byres and outhouses while a number of chimney cans and slates from roofs blown down, and stacks overturned.

▼ ON Monday last Cooks’ Circus visited Ayton and gave one of their performances in the evening to a large attendance. A strong gale of wind and rain prevailed, and very nearly upset the tent. No little excitement was caused and a number of spectators taking fear, vacated their seats and made for the exit.

▼ ON Friday evening Daybell’s Ltd Electric Animated Pictures and Concert Company made their first appearance in our district, and gave an entertainment in Ayton Drill Hall. There was a good attendance, and the large and varied programme was much appreciated.

t Considering the dry weather, cub-hunting with the Berwickshire hounds has been very good. Hounds have killed eight brace of foxes. Scent was very bad in their 15 mornings out, except on two; when they ran straight into their foxes. Their last day’s cubbing was on Friday week, when they met at Wedderburn Castle. They killed a brace of healthy cubs there and then had a clinking hunt in the afternoon with a fox from Bogend, which if it could only be repeated now the regular season has started, would in all probability be considered a good hunt.

▼ A CINEMATOGRAPH and variety entertainment was given in Eyemouth Town Hall on Saturday, and fairly well patronised.

t ON Saturday a numerous and representative company assembled at Skateraw, when two awards for bravery from the Royal Humane Society were presented. In the absence, through indisposition, of the Earl of Haddington, who was to have made the presentation, the ceremony was gracefully performed by Miss Hay of St Abbs Haven. Mr James W Hunter of Thurston, chairman of the branch, presided. In an exceedingly neat speech, Miss Hay presented the bronze medal, and also the testimonial in vellum, to Robert Paterson, blacksmith, Cranshaws, for saving the life of a farm servant who was caught while driving a pair of horses across the river Whitadder, which was in high flood at the time. The testimonial in vellum was also presented to Thomas Main, Dunbar, for saving the life of a boy in the old harbour.