25 years ago

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 17th March 2012, 6:48 am

▼ WHAT’S in a name? Quite a lot the region’s education committee decided on Tuesday. First of all they decided that Berwickshire High School in Duns should remain Berwickshire High School, rather than become Duns High School, rejecting an official recommendation by their professionals that the name should be changed. Chairman Felicity Ballantyne moved the retention of the Berwickshire High School name- she felt any change of name would be confusing. Whiteadder Councillor James Johnson on the other hand was all for calling the school ‘Duns High School’.

▼ BORDER Region’s education committee decided on Tuesday that pupils leaving Hutton Primary School, at present in the Eyemouth School Council area, should in future go to Berwickshire High School in Duns. This follows a decision by Eyemouth Schools Council that the pupils should continue to go to Eyemouth High School. The committee agreed with the recommendation of their director of education, James McLean, that the Berwickshire “catchment area” include Hutton- something which it did before Eyemouth High School was upgraded to a six year school in 1967.

▼ john Aitken’s sparkling comeback to the boxing ring after a four year lay off struck a sour note late on Monday night when he was beaten in the semi-finals of the Scottish Amateur Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship in Glasgow. Representing the Chirnside Amateur Boxing Club, John was drawn against the big-punching Springside boxer James Donaldson and the referee stopped the contest in the second round once Donaldson was well on top.

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▼ robert Johnson, the grand old man of Burnmouth, celebrated his 104th birthday this week. Berwick Rangers’ most loyal supporter, Mr Johnson reached the ripe old age on Monday and he celebrated the occasion in the Cheviot Ward of Berwick Infirmary, where he is now a patient. Staff at the hospital baked Mr Johnson a special cake to mark the occasion, and during the day he was visited by friends and relatives as well as the Lord Lieutenant of Berwickshire, Lt. Col. W.B.Swan.

▼ ayton Community Council last week accepted defeat in their six year fight to stop Peelwalls old people’s home being replaced. The council opposed Borders Regional Council’s plans to replace the home from the outset. But last week councillors agreed that that the Secretary of State’s recent decision to grant the Regional Council detailed planning permission to build a replacement on a site in Manse Road, Eyemouth, had brought their fight to an end.

▼ dave Elder from Duns notched the best result of his career to climb up the ladder in the Esso Scottish Rally Championship table on Sunday. Dave finished eighth overall in a top class field in the Datamart Valentine Rally, round two of the Scottish series. A change of tyres at the half way mark was all that was needed to keep Dave and his co-driver George Ramage on an excellent run. Now Dave hopes to keep up his form and finish well up the Championship table at the end of the season.

▼ poaching in the area is being monitored, on concern being expressed by Lammermuir Council about poaching at Pressmennan. PC Purves reported that it was difficult for the police to constantly patrol the area. But he added that following complaints they were monitoring the situation closely.

t ayton Gala Week festivities look set to continue this year. Concern has been expressed about the future of the Gala Week in the village, but community councillors heard last week that the event is likely to continue. The annual general meeting of the village’s social committee, which runs the Gala Week, had to be adjourned towards the end of last year because of the lack of support and the council heard that this and a lack of audited accounts had led to residents expressing concern about the future of the festivities.

50 years ago

▼ PARENTS of children attending Fogo Primary School are very much against the possible closure of the school. This they made clear at a public meeting held by the Berwickshire Education Committee at Fogo on Wednesday to consider the future arrangements for the education of children of primary school age resident in the area.

t AT the annual general meeting of the River Tweed Commissioners held at Kelso last week, Captain L S Scott Briggs, Melkington, Cornhill, claimed that Lord Lambton should not have abstained from voting when the Government discussed the Drift Netting Bill recently. One section of the Bill which has aroused bitter discussion related to a proposed ban on drift netting. Lord Lambton has met river fishermen, and Commissioners, and he has met inshore fishermen, and heard their views. When the vote was taken, he abstained.

t THE by-laws governing Duns Public Park are to be altered in order to meet a request by Duns Public Park Bowling Club to play bowls on Sunday afternoons.

t FIVE cases of apparent drift netting within the estuary of the River Tweed and the lostsof at least 11,000 spring fish because of the activities of the inshore fishermen were reported to the annual meeting of the Tweed Commissioners.

t THE Secretary of State in a reply to a letter from Duns Town Council about the need for a new general hospital for the Borders has stated that he can understand the feeling of disappointment among the people of the Borders that provision has not been made for a new hospital in the Borders but he cannot now offer to reconsider the main elements of the Hospital Plan for Scotland for the next ten years.

t AN open carbet bowling competition was held at Swinton, when there was 53 pairs entered. From early afternoon, the competition continued until midnight.

t IN the Berwickshire Amateur League on Saturday, only one game was played. This being between Coldingham and Chirnside. Chirnside were the winners 6-0.

t OWING to the pitches being unplayable, all of the East of Scotland League matches in which Berwickshire teams were to have taken part were postponed.

t THE half-way point in the Berwickshire ‘Happy Smile’ dental health campaign has now been passed and it is reported the campaign is proving “very successful”. Children are being encouraged most enthusiastically to keep their mouths clean and their teeth healthy by teacher in all schools throughout the county.

t DURING 1961, of the 26 large producers of T. T. milk in the county 14 had clear records while of the 34 small producers 18 had clear records. One of the producers has held a clear record since 1952.

t AT the annual congregational meeting of Greenlaw church on Tuesday, the Rev A A Lawson, who is shortly leaving for Karachi, was given a presentation by the congregation as an appreciation of the work done by him since he came to the village.

100 years ago

t AT the forthcoming term, a very considerable number of fishermen are relinquishing the sea, and settling down as farm labourers on holdings in Berwickshire and East Lothian.

t THE coastguards and crew of the life saving apparatus had their quarterly practice on Saturday, two of their crew were presented with a silver medal each for long service, their names were Adam Morton, Burnmouth, and Arthur Johnston, Cowdrait.

t EDWARD Grey may take part in the Commons’ debate on Sir John Barran’s motion this Tuesday evening. The motion is in the following terms: ‘That this House is of opinion that the Tweed Fisheries Acts should be repealed and that provisions should be substituted for various Acts of the public and private now regulating the fisheries of the Tweed, such as will deal fairly with the public and provide an equitable adjustment of the respective fishing interests of the upper and tidal waters, the estuary and the sea.

t COAL Strike. Cockburnspath farmers motored to Berwick Market on Saturday, as trains were not suitable, the coal strike having reduced the services. A committee appointed by the parish and town councils of Duns have secured a quantity of coals for the purpose of supplying those who are in immediate need and unable to procure coals owing to the strike. The committee are able to grant supplies of coals at reduced prices to those unable to pay the high rates at present prevailing.

t A LEAP year dance, promoted by the young ladies of the village and district in aid of Coldstream Cottage Hospital, was held in the Reading Room on Friday. There was a good attendance and a most enjoyable evening was spent. Tea was served at midnight by Mrs Gray and Henderson and Misses Muckle, Duns, Charles, Mann, McDougall and Huntly, assisted by Messrs Yule, Briggs and others.

t THE herring fishing for the winter, seems to be drawing to a speedy close, as the daily operations for the past week have been extremely disappointing. The highest shot landed was 13 crans, and prices also have fallen considerably compared with former weeks.

t AS a result of the coal strike and its effect on railway service only three games of any importance took place on the Borders on Saturday. At Coldstream the local club managed by the narrowest of margins to qualify once more for the final of the Borders Cup, Duns being the victims; and the Vale of Leithen Amateurs to make the train service fit in secured the verdict over Selkirk in their hurriedly-arranged Amateur League game.

t SOME eight years ago the Miniature Rifle Club movements began in Berwickshire, the village of Nenthorn showing the way, and being followed in close succession by Leitholm, Eccles, Westruther etc. Now there are 10 clubs in the county affiliated to the National Rifle Association and it seems strange that these have sprung up in places sparsely populated, while the more populous centres, and even towns, have taken as yet no part in the movement. The ten affiliated clubs are entitled to shoot for the Astor Cup and arrangements for the competition and to set up a County Association were discussed by the clubs.