Mudgway faces race against time with engine repairs

Berwick Bandits' Jade Mudgway
Berwick Bandits' Jade Mudgway

BERWICK’S Jade Mudgway faces a race against time this week as he attempts to carry out major repairs to his main engine.

Bandits face the prospect of three away meetings in three days (Sheffield on Thursday, Somerset on Friday and Plymouth on Saturday), but in the build-up to this tour Mudgway will spend much of it in the workshop trying to sort out his mechanical gremlins.

That’s because on Saturday, in the 49-41 home victory over Newcastle, the New Zealander blew his number one motor, leaving him with a hefty repair bill.

“It’s likely to cost about £500,” he said, “and whilst that’s bad enough, it also needs to be done before Thursday when we go to Sheffield.”

Mudgway, who hasn’t had his troubles to seek over the past few months, cut a dejected figure as he trudged back to the pits following this latest set-back.

And afterwards he admitted: “It’s all very frustrating for me at the moment.

“To be honest, I just seem to be chasing my tail all the time.

“Tonight I thought I was on the gas. I was on the pace all night, but then my engine blew, so it was like one step forward and two backwards.”

The 22 year-old, who made a public appeal for any financial help to help him through his difficult patch added:

“It’s all a bit of a struggle for me at the moment, but really that’s been the story of my season so far. I just haven’t made the progress I hoped I would.

“I have had a few knocks, and it’s been difficult to recover.

“My home form still isn’t at the level I would like it to be. I have been scoring a few points, but not as many as I know I am capable of.

“But it’s my away form which has probably been the most disappointing aspect.

“I seem to have struggled all year away from home, and bearing in mind my latest mechanical problems that makes the prospect of this week’s tour all the more daunting.

“But I’m a speedway rider. This is what I want to do and I have to try and overcome everything and move on.

“It’s not easy at times, but I know I have to be optimistic. Speedway is all about ups and downs and who knows, in a couple of weeks things might be completely different and I might be standing here talking about how well things are going!”

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