Wethers rides to max as Bandits beat Tigers

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Berwick, after the disappointment of losing their last home meeting against Redcar, bounced back to winning ways against Glasgow.

And on a night when there were several good performances from within the Bandits’ camp, it was Matty Wethers who emerged as the star performer, rattling up his second home maximum in recent weeks.

Berwick Bandits Speedway

Berwick Bandits Speedway

But that’s not to take anything away from the rest of the side, including David Bellego, who recovered from his fall at Edinburgh the night before to drop only one point; Robin Aspegren, who emerged from a first race fall to go unbeaten thereafter, whilst Kozza Smith and guest Adam Ellis, who won his first two races with some fast gating, also both caught the eye.

For Glasgow, only veteran Joe Screen showed any consistency, winning two of his five starts, the rest of the side unable to win a race between them.

Screen got Glasgow off to a winning start in heat one, but Ricky Ashworth appeared to be on a sick motor, and this was to be the story of his night as he struggled throughout.

With the next three races all drawn, including a battling win from the back by Wethers over Henning Bager in three, it meant Berwick had to wait until heat five before they took the lead for the first time when Wethers and Aspegren claimed a 5-1 over Screen and Andre Compton.

Three more 5-1s and a 4-2 over the next five heats saw Berwick establish control as they moved comfortably 33-21 ahead.

This gave Glasgow the opportunity to use Bager as a double pointed tactical ride in heat 11, but he was beaten out of the second bend by a determined Bellego, the race being shared 4-4.

Still 12 adrift, Screen also went for double points in 12, and he duly obliged, inflicting the first defeat of the night on Smith.

A fall by Ashworth when on a 5-1 with Smith in 13 typified his night, but Berwick were in control and Wethers, who had earlier still managed to hold on for a 5-1 in heat nine despite losing his steel shoe, finished the meeting on a high, with wins in 14 and 15 to complete his paid maximum.

Berwick 53 - R Ashworth R,1,1,Fx 2; D Bellego 2,3,3,3 11; R Aspegren F,2*,3,3 8+1; M Wethers 3,3,2*,3,3 14+1; K Smith 3,2*,2,3,0 10+1; A Ellis 3,3,1*,1 8+1; P Starke 0,R,0,0 0. Glasgow 42- J Screen 3,1,6^,2,1* 13+1; A Compton 1,0,2,0 3; H Bager 2,1,4^,2,2 11; A Thomsen 1*,R,0,2 3+1; J Grieves 1*,2,1,1* 5+2; J Ringwood 2,0,0,1* 3+1; J Jacobs 1*,2,1*,0 4+2.