WATCH: Bandit Doolan explains upturn in his fortunes

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As Berwick prepare for another busy week of racing, Kevin Doolan has revealed the reason for his latest upturn in form.

Doolan is enjoying a new lease of life after seeing an upturn in his fortunes over the past few weeks.

Kevin Doolan at Berwick Bandits Press and Practise night

Kevin Doolan at Berwick Bandits Press and Practise night

The Australian struggled to find some early season form following his switch to Berwick, claiming at one stage his bike was ‘like a donkey.’

But, after losing the number one race jacket and investing money in his equipment, the Bandit is now starting to reap the rewards, and his 13 points from five rides against Glasgow on Saturday represented his best return of the season so far.

“We had a lot of rain-offs at the start of the season,” he said, “which dented my earning potential. But we are starting to get a few meetings now, which means more money coming in, and that means I can invest it in my equipment.

“I had to borrow some money to buy some bits for my engines. I went to the Danes, because they know what they are doing, and fingers crossed, it seems to be working.

“It was frustrating when I wasn’t scoring points. Yes, it was like riding a donkey, but I always had faith in my own ability and I knew with a good bike under me it could make all the difference.

“Now I have made the changes they seem to be working. The donkey is now a thoroughbred and hopefully I can go on and score quite a few more points for the team.

“We have a good side here and I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t go on and qualify for the play-offs at the end of the season.”

Berwick embark on another busy week when they race at Redcar tonight (Thursday), where they go in search of their fifth away league win.

Alex Edberg will make his seasonal debut for the team, having been drafted in as a replacement for local teenager Liam Carr, who according to Berwick promoter John Anderson has found Premier League racing ‘difficult’ over the past few weeks.

On saturday, Bandits take on Sheffield at Shielfield, before facing leaders Edinburgh at home on Tuesday in a meeting which is to be broadcast live on Sky TV.