VIDEO: ‘You couldn’t script night like this’ says Hepburn

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Berwick director and joint team manager George Hepburn said he was almost lost for words after Saturday’s developments at Shielfield.

“In all honesty I am almost lost for words,” he said.

Berwick Bandits co-owner George Hepburn

Berwick Bandits co-owner George Hepburn

“You couldn’t make it up, If you were to script this people wouldn’t believe you. It could only happen at Berwick.

“As it is we owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Fortune. He was out for a meal and had to leave his dinner to rush here after first of all Matej Kus and then the paramedic took ill.

“We are eternally grateful to him, because it would have been a disaster if we had had to call the meeting off.

“Matty Wethers then took a bad one, but we are hoping he will be okay. He was complaining of a sore head and a sore hip, and hopefully it is only bruising.”

It later transpired Wethers had suffered no broken bones but is ‘battered and bruised.’

Kus was due to return to his native Czech Republic earlier this week to see his doctor.

“We had to run heat ten to get a result,” said Hepburn.

“Thankfully Claus (Vissing) and Steen (Jensen) came through for us. We lost the bonus point, but I think everyone connected with the club will just be pleased we got through this one, picked up another win and got two league points in the bag.”

Berwick’s other joint team manager Ian Rae said: “In all my time in speedway I can’t remember a night like this.”

First of all Matej Kus called for medical assistance as he was in some discomfort after recently having had an operation on his wisdom teeth.

Then, the paramedic who treated him fell ill, and he in turn had to be checked over and was withdrawn from the meeting.

Under those circumstances, and with no immediate medical cover available, the only alternative was to call for Dr Alan Fortune, a regular at Shielfield, but who was not on duty that night.

He was attending a meal 35 miles away in Ancrum, and was forced to literally leave his dinner on the table to rush across the Borders.

In all there was a delay of approximately 50 minutes before racing was able to resume. And it wasn’t long before Dr Fortune was called into action, Berwick skipper Matty Wethers clipping team-mate Liam Carr’s back wheel just two races later. There was another delay whilst the Aussie received trackside treatment after falling awkwardly and he too was taken from the scene in a county ambulance.