VIDEO: Gillan grabs glory in Jed-Forest Sprint

Craig Gillan was the toast of Jedburgh on Saturday afternoon after he won the Borders’ Athletics blue riband sprint event on his home town track.

The 20-year-old TLJT athlete lifted the 2014 Jed-Forest 110 metres sprint handicap, an event he has dreamed of winning since arriving on the open athletic scene as a raw youngster nine years back.

Jedburgh games. Winner Craig Gillan of T.L.J.T. (from Jedburgh) wins the 110 m sprint.

Jedburgh games. Winner Craig Gillan of T.L.J.T. (from Jedburgh) wins the 110 m sprint.

Gillan began his glory day when romping home to victory in his heat in 11.58 seconds from a mark of 7 metres. Currently studying mechanical engineering at Napier University, the Jed flying machine then booked a place in the final through a cross tie triumph.

The last showdown, which also included Hawick’s Leigh Marshall (5m) and Jack Wilson (12m), plus David McKay of Kelso (14.5m) and Edinburgh twosome Tom Holligan (scratch) and Kieran Reilly (6.5m) had all the makings of being a real humdinger.

After the silence that had fallen over Riverside Park had been broken by the sound of the starter Gerald Paxton’s gun, the six finalists took off in quest of the £3,000 first prize. The outcome was a blanket finish, with Gillan and Marshall the main two involved. It was Gillan who was to get the judges vote after the camera had been consulted. An extremely fast winning time of 11.43 seconds was recorded.

Marshall was placed second, while Reilly got the third spot.

See Thursday’s Southern Reporter for reaction, a full games round up and more pictures.


Youths’ 400m: 1, C. Clamp (TLJT) 27.5m; 2, C. Fisher (Jed AC) 25m; 3, N. Smith (Eastriggs) 7.5m. Winning time: 51.81 seconds.

70m Open: 1, F. Neil (Kelso) 2m; 2, D. McKay (Kelso) 5m; 3, G. Gillan (Eyemouth) 1m. 8.09 seconds.

Youths’ 800m: 1, W. Darling (Berwick) 75m; 2, D. Collins (Moorfoot) 90m; 3, A. Innes (Moorfgoot) 110m. 2 minutes 02. 96 seconds.

800m Open: 1, J. McIntosh (Kelso) 35m; 2, A. Thompson (Jed AC) 45m; 3, K. Potts (TLJT) 60m. 1 minute 56. 75 seconds.

Youths B 90m: 1, C. Rae (Hawick) 24m; 2, F. Falconer (TLJT) 20m; 3, A. Bryce (TLJT) 13m. 10.20 seconds.

Youths A 90m: 1, C. Gillon (Kelso) 4.5m; 2, C. Young (Jedburgh) 5m; 3, L. Woodman (Annan) 3m. 10.36 seconds.

110m Open: 1, C. Gillan (TLJT) 7m; 2, L. Marshall (Hawick) 5m; 3, K. Reilly (Edinburgh) 6.5m. 11.43 seconds.

400m Open: 1, D. Ali (Hawick) 5m; 2, E. Pettigrew (Jed AC) 15m; 3, K. Potts (TLJT) 32.5m. 49.84 seconds.

1500m Open: 1, C. Rendle (Innerleithen) 115m; 2, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 95m; 3, A. Laurie (280m). 4 minutes 07.29 seconds,

Youths 1500m: 1, M. Dougall (TLJT) 75m; 2, J. Amos (Jed AC) 205m; 3, B. Reynolds (Chirnside) 225m. 4 minutes 25.87 seconds.

Youths B 200m: 1, F. Falconer (TLJT) 41m; 2, A. Bambrick (Jed AC) 39m; 3, J. Wodehouse (Leithenburn) 31m. 24.21 seconds.

Youths A 200m: 1, M. Busby (Carlisle) 25m; 2, C. Fisher (Jed AC) 16m; 3, C. McNaughton (Annan) 16m. 23.70 seconds.

200m Open: 1, K. Potts (TLJT) 21m; 2, L. Ali (Hawick) 16m; 3, F. Neil (Kelso) 14m. 22.21 seconds.