Victory at Coldingham sees Hutton crowned the Berwickshire league champs

HUTTON clinched the Berwickshire Carpet Bowling League title with a narrow victory over Coldingham.

A victory at Langton saw Westruther secure the runners-up spot. Gordon finished in third place with Ayton fourth, Langton fifth and Coldingham sixth.

Results were as follows:

Coldingham 18 Hutton 20 (Coldingham - A. Blair, A. Jeffrey, G. Welsh, D. Wood 10; I. Jeffrey, K. Jeffrey, Sc. Jeffrey, C. Jeffrey 8. Hutton - K. Purves, T. Dougal, J. Pigg, D. Patterson 8; E. Miller, K. Whitecross, D. Raeburn, D. Gilchrist 12). Hutton won 2-1.

Ayton 22 Coldingham 19 (Ayton - R. Blaikie, T. Tait, G. McLean, B. Blaikie 12; A. Blaikie, C. Young, T. Stebbing, D. Young 10. Coldingham - I. Jeffrey, K. Jeffrey, Sc. Jeffrey, C. Jeffrey 7; A. Blair, A. Jeffrey, G. Welsh, D. Wood 12). Ayton won 2-1.

Langton 21 Westruther 28 (Langton - R. Thomson, L. Craik, I. Drummond, R. Douglas 12; R. Amos, B. Cowe, G. Duncan, J. Craik 9. Westruther - A. Nutt, S. Russell, S. Smith, D. Donaldson 9; C. Wilson, D. Hedley, G. McLarty, B. Hedley 19). Westruther won 2-1

Gordon 23 Hutton 23 (Gordon - B. Douglas, H. Donaldson, K. Donaldson, K. Robertson 11; F. Donaldson, D. Anderson, D. Johnstone, N. Kellett 12. Hutton - E. Miller, K. Whitecross, D. Raeburn, D. Gilchrist 12; J. Purves, K. Purves, J. Pigg D. Patterson 11. Match drawn.

Draws for the Association Weekend being held at Duns Volunteer Hall this Saturday and Sunday:


Play at 1pm - F. Purves v A. Blair, K. Purves v D. Hedley, S. Douglas v C. Young, L. Purves v A. Jeffrey, L. Craik v C. Wilson, G. McLarty v A. Aitchison, G. Campbell v J. Pigg, D. Wood v D. Anderson. 1.20pm - C. Young v A. Mitchell, Raymond Douglas v G. Douglas, B. Douglas v D. Hedley, G. Welsh v N. Kellett, L. Craik v D. Patterson, D. Gilchrist v K. Donaldson, W. Scott v J. Jackson, K. Whitecross v D. Young. 1.40pm - S. Smith v I. Jeffrey, J. Law v G. Forsyth, N. Anderson v R. Amos, Sc. Jeffrey v D. Johnstone, C. Jeffrey v T. Stebbing, B. Blaikie v A. Jeffrey, G. Duncan v F. Purves, B. Hedley v K. Purves. 2pm - J. Craik v Roy Douglas, C. Wilson v C. Donaldson, D. Donaldson v I. Drummond.


Play at 4.30pm - G. McLarty v N. Anderson, A. Aitchison v Sc. Jeffrey, A. Jeffrey v G. Douglas, I. Drummond v D. Gilchrist, B. Hedley v C. Jeffrey, G. Welsh v B. Blaikie, K. Purves v D. Donaldson, D. Patterson v D. Young. 5.15pm - R. Amos v C. Donaldson, G. Duncan v K. Jeffrey, G. Forsyth v J. Craik, K. Whitecross v K. Donaldson, W. Scott v winners of D. Patterson, D. Young.

Open Rinks

Play at 1pm - G. Douglas v Coldingham 1, K. Purves v A.N. Other, G. Forsyth v Traquair R, Coldingham 3 v D. Anderson, Coldingham 2 v A.N. Other, The Whip Darts Team v D. Patterson, W. Scott v Ancrum 1, B. Hedley v K Whitecross. 2pm - J. Craik v J. Jackson, A. Aitchison v Fountainhall, K. Donaldson v Ancrum 3, Ancrum 2 v I. Drummond

Can all players provide own bowls as no bowls are provided. Can all clubs remember to provide a raffle for both days please.