Speedway - Vissing the latest rider added to BEN line-up

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DANISH rider Claus Vissing is the latest name to be added to the list for the BEN Fund Bonanza meeting, which will launch the new speedway season at Berwick on Saturday, March 9.

The 26 year-old currently has no team in the UK and is desperate to impress and let promoters know he is available.

He said “I want a team place in Britain but so far it hasn’t worked out. I’m really keen to find a team, all my bikes and workshop are ready. Of course I want to make a living but money doesn’t have to be a big issue, I want to have some fun and do what I really love.

“Also I wanted to ride for the Ben Fund because it has done so much for the riders. They help us so why should I not help them?”

Vissing has already lined up deals to ride in Denmark, Poland and Germany, but says Britain is where he really wants to be.

Riders confirmed for the BEN Fund meeting to date are:

Ben Barker (Birmingham), Richie Worrall (Newcastle), Ricky Ashworth (Berwick), Chris Harris (Birmingham), Josh Grajczonek (Somerset), Richard Hall (Sheffield), Mads Korneliussen (King’s Lynn), Danny King (Birmingham), Cameron Woodward (Eastbourne), Claus Vissing (Unattached).