Sensational debut as Damian downs opponent in 45 seconds

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Damian Winkiewicz from the Schubert Jiu-Jitsu/TF Fitness Centre in Berwick made a sensational debut in the ring when he competed in an MMA event at Consett in County Durham.

Winkiewicz knocked out his opponent in only 45 seconds, despite only having two weeks to prepare for the bout.

Coach Thiago Ferreira said: “I received a telephone call two weeks earlier from one of the MMA promoters, asking if I had anyone weighing in at 70kg who would be willing to take part in the show.

“Without thinking I said ‘yes,’ and Damien only had a fortnight to prepare, although I knew he had the advantage of being able to make the weight.

“The bread and butter of our club is grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) but taking part of these type of shows helps our guys considerably, as they are able to test themselves against experienced opponents.

“As it was he knocked out Brett Thompson from Durham in under a minute, and credit must go to his Muay Thai coach Colin Tait, who helped him get ready.

“Thanks also to all the supporters from Berwick who travelled down to support Damian.”