Paxton cyclist aiming to turn pro

Paxton cyclist Don Ginn is hoping progress up to a professional level. Picture: Kimberley Powell
Paxton cyclist Don Ginn is hoping progress up to a professional level. Picture: Kimberley Powell
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Attempting to change gear from amateur to professional, a former Berwick Wheelers cyclist has big dreams for the future.

Eighteen-year-old Dom Ginn from Paxton used to cycle as a hobby, but that has quickly accelerated into a career plan.

Dom currently competes in the third tier of road and track cycling for Edinburgh RC and is ranked 36th out of over 1,000 rivals.

His first taste of competitive cycling was with local club Berwick Wheelers, but after completing time trials Dom decided he wanted to take his cycling to the next level and passed the fitness tests for Edinburgh RC with ease.

However, he was forced to make a tricky decision between accepting an offer to go to university to study sport and exercise science, or pursuing his dreams of professional cycling.

“I did have offers from Napier and Robert Gordon University but I eventually decided to turn them down,” explained Dom. “I’d rather push myself to do well in cycling now, rather than looking back in years to come and thinking ‘what if’.”

The next hill for Dom to climb is the upcoming Lammermuirs road race this weekend, on September 15.

It is a grudge match for Dom, who was unable to complete in the 98km race last year.

“It’s me versus the race this time around,” he said. “Last year I went out with the wrong kit and caught hypothermia in Lowick, which knocked me right back. This time around I’m determined to do well.”

The world of British cycling has vastly improved since Great Britain celebrated huge success in cycling at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games and Bradley Wiggins became the first Britain to win the Tour de France.

For Dom that means the spectators coming to watch what he calls his ‘Mickey Mouse’ races have shot up into the thousands. There are a lot more people showing an interest in cycling and the support is second to none.

It has convinced Dom to keep improving and aim for bigger and better things, but it will funding.

He explained: “At the minute I’m trying to balance my training alongside working 30 hours a week at Next in Berwick on their apprenticeship scheme.

“I wouldn’t be able to afford to carry on racing if I didn’t have a job, so I really appreciate what they’ve done for me. But I still rely heavily on my parents to take me to training and races and what I’d really love to progress onto is indoor racing in Glasgow, which isn’t even a possibility right now.”

Professional athletes are heavily reliant on sponsorships funding their training and this is something that Dom currently doesn’t have.

“It’s not something I feel comfortable asking for, but a sponsorship deal would really help me out.

“Short term I want to win as many of my races as possible and progress to the next tier, but long term I’d love to race with the elite cyclists and to do that you need a lot of sponsors.”

This is just the start of what will could well be a successful cycling career for Dom Ginn.

His is a name to watch out for in the future.