Mudgway just waiting for the call from Bandits’

JADE Mudgway is waiting by the telephone, just hoping that he gets a call from Berwick to return to the border track in 2011.

The New Zealander, in his debut season in the Premier League, proved to be a big hit with Bandits’ fans in 2010, but he feels there is still a lot more to come.

“I have improved year on year,” he said, “and I see no reason why that should be any different next year.

“Last season I finished with a paid average of around 4.5, and whilst that was maybe not as high as I would have liked, I’m not going to say I was dissatisfied with it.

“As it is I will start 2011 with a 3.5 average for team-building purposes, and I think that stands me in very good stead, because that is the sort of average a lot of teams will be looking to pick up reserves on.”

Mudgway is a rider who might be in big demand, but he says his heart and his head tells him Berwick is the place he wants to be.

“I spoke with the Berwick management before the end of last season when I made it clear to them that I wanted to return next season,” he said.

“All I am doing now is waiting by the telephone, hoping that they call to offer me a team place.”

In his first season of PL racing Mudgway became a popular member of the Berwick team, winning many of his points from the back, and he thought he formed a useful partnership with Adrian Rymel, who of course ended the season with a broken neck, spinal injuries and a broken wrist.

Mudgway also finished the year on the sidelines after picking up a back injury when he bruised his kidneys.

“It was quite painful,” he said, “and it took me a lot longer to recover than I originally thought.

“I’m getting back to fitness now, but there are still occasions when I feel it, so I am still undergoing physiotherapy.”

And an added problem for the 22 year-old is that whilst he has been unable to work during the close season so far, he has also been unable to claim insurance because of new rules brought in by the BSPA.

“The new rules mean riders cannot claim injury insurance two weeks after the season ends,” he added, “and that has meant I have not had as much money coming in as I thought I might.

“It means I don’t have the money to buy new bikes for the start of next season, so I will probably just refurbish what I have got.”

Mudgway, who is now based in the Middlesbrough area, plans to return to his native New Zealand for a five week holiday in the New Year.

“I am mainly going over to meet up with my family,” he said, “but when I am there I will probably do a few meetings in the NZ championship. It should get me back in the swing of things again just in time for the start of next season . . . hopefully with the Bandits.”