Meeting abandoned after Workington rider is injured in crash

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BERWICK Bandits will have to race again after their Premier League meeting at Workington was abandoned due to an injury suffered by home rider Kyle Howarth in a heat 10 collision with Lee Complin. The Bandits skipper suffered a suspected broken hand in the crash, but the Workington man came off far worse. With no medical cover available, the match had to be abandoned with Workington leading 36-27. The result does not stand.

Embroiled in a tenth-heat tussle with Complin, Howarth fell heavily on bend three, hitting the fence hard. The stricken Comet rider needed extensive medical treatment on the track.

As the clock ticked on, Howarth’s treatment by the paramedics took priority to any further racing and the meeting was abandoned with the heat 10 score of 36-27 not standing and a re-staging now required.

Complin’s hand became entangled in Howarth’s front wheel in the crash, with initial reports suggesting it’s almost certainly broken and the track medic reckons that it may well require an operation.

With several away matches coming up for the Bandits, team manager Ian Rae is now exploring his options.