Local competitors keep their cool at Glacier Games

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Tweed Crossfit were invited to take part in the Glacier Games Crossfit Event 2015, held in the Gateshead International Stadium.

This invitation came after several of Tweed Crossfit’s athletes had submitted their qualifying workouts with the results qualifying Steven Turnbull, Nicola Steele and Liam Holborn all in the top 3 of their category along with another 40 athletes from the UK.

The weekend started with the individual event on the Saturday, with all three competitors posting fantastic scores in wod (workout of the day) 1, designed to test the heart and lungs, and Steven Turnbull had ignited the crowd when his 1st place score started to filter through. The crowd were to be on their feet again in the last wod of the day as a sublime last 400m run from Nicola Steele, saw her over take 4 athletes (in a heat of 10) in the last 100m.

After these gruelling wod’s the individual event results were in and showed the ever consistent Liam Holborn picking up first place, however in the true sporting nature of crossfit, the show was stolen by Nicola Steele who finished the ladies event 19th overall, and Steven Turnbull who finished the men’s Individual event in 9th. Both competitors showing the true gym attitude of proving “it’s not the size of the individual in the fight, but the size of the fight in that individual”, after both competitors had the disadvantage of inexperience and size in their respective class.

The team event on the Sunday, which saw Iona Stobbart, Connie Wakenshaw and Lee Lambert work alongside Liam Holborn (team captain) to represent the Tweed Crossfit box. The first wod brought spills, thrills and strategy along with the expected gruelling physical requirements. Special mention on wod 1 has to go to Iona Stobbart for dragging the team through the workout, after the team were almost dealt a knockout blow, and who continued to burpee wallball at twice the rate of her surrounding rivals (men and women)

Wod 2 came and with this, was the chance for Lee Lambert to announce himself on the crossfit circuit in style, by silencing the whole main stand of the International Stadium by running a 400m at blistering pace (which some of the greats who have ran on this track would have been proud of) to keep Tweed Crossfit in a solid top ten position.

Wod 3 saw Tweed Crossfit steal the whole show with rival teams, judges, the event organisers and send the crowd crazy when Connie Wakenshaw was first to lift a personal best 120kg (over twice her body weight) in the deadlift and Liam Holborn lift a staggering 270kg.

Wod 4 was a showcase of the teams ability to enjoy the competition where they opted to disregard the option to clock a high score for the push of a podium place by focusing on the most infamous crossfit excersie.....”thrusters!” The team blew the field away by clocking hundreds of reps over the 12-minute time cap. When the wod had finished their were 3 teams celebrating their podium finish, however the 6th place Tweed Crossfit Team were congratulated by organisers, judges and spectators after no doubt stealing the show and creating the alias of ‘the entertainers’.

On the back of this Tweed Crossfit are on the look out for a sponsor for this years prestigious ‘Battle of Britain’ event in London. If any local business is interested please contact Tweed Crosssfit via social media or in person.