Jevon takes the plunge and qualifies as an adventure diver


After having become one of the youngest PADI licensed scuba divers last year, Jevon Leighton from Berwick has continued to develop by diving with AquaStar in Eyemouth,

He has dived in the North Sea off the Eyemouth coast completing two dives in one day.

“He never complained about the cold, just enthusing about the dive, what he saw and where he went,” said mother Diane.

Recently, in Cyprus, Jevon completed two courses and one fun dive.

Working with CYDive in Cyprus, he initially completed two dives in Paphos Bay, completing fish and plant recognition tests.

He had to draw underwater maps on the seabed to show what he had seen and the placement of them and then complete them in the classrooms on paper from memory. This gave him the qualification of National Geoghraphic Diver.

He then completed three dives which formed his Adventure Diver. To do this he completed and passed an underwater digital photography course, the Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) course, where he learnt to use it safely and with consideration to environment and to wrecks he might encounter.

Finally, he completed his first wreck dive, which meant he had to dive from a boat for the first time - entering the water backwards from a sitting position in the side of the boat.

The three dives that qualified him as an Adventure Diver, are three of the five he needs to achieve his Full Advanced PADI license, which is the next target he has set himself.