Jasmine qualifies for Blenheim Horse Trials

Jasmine Turnbull and Paddy are heading to Blenheim Horse Trials next month.
Jasmine Turnbull and Paddy are heading to Blenheim Horse Trials next month.

An invitation to take part in the country’s biggest eventing competition and good national exam results arrived in the post on the same day for Jasmine Turnbull.

The 16-year-old from Coldstream has been competing in British eventing competitions over the spring and summer with her six-year-old horse Port for Paddy, and two years of training and patience has seen them achieve impressively low scores in British Eventing 80T dressage competitions.

As a result of getting two scores under 30, Jasmine now has the chance to compete at the same event as the creme de la creme of the eventing world – such as William Fox Pitt and Zara Philips. She has been invited to take part in the BE Test 91 class at the Blenheim Amateur Eventers Championship next month.

Mandy Herview, event director for Blenheim Horse Trials, explained: “We are thrilled to be launching this new competition, which gives amateur competitors the chance to compete at Blenheim alongside their sporting heroes.”

Jasmine has been riding since she was two years old, and after competing in pony club events two years ago she and her family started looking for a horse that would help her move to the next level.

They visited a dealer in Yorkshire and Jasmine knew as soon as she started riding him that Paddy, an Irish-bred four-year-old, was the right horse for her. He was pretty inexperienced, however, and Jasmine admits there have been some “rocky patches”.

“He has taken a lot of persuading at show jumping and cross country, but now he is starting to get the hang of it,” said Jasmine. “We have been learning together. He will get there eventually – it just takes trust and patience.”

Helping Jasmine to develop into a confident young rider has been Jane Rutherford, at Ayton, and Jenny Stark at the Ian Stark Equestrian Centre, where Jasmine recently won the junior champion summer dressage series,

Jasmine’s family now has to work out how to get horse and rider down to Blenheim. Anyone who could help can contact them on: shoturn4@aol.com