Gold for local Jiu Jitsu competitors

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Coach and competitor Thiago Ferreira and his student Rolandas Janavicius were the only competitors from TF Fitness Centre to compete in the Scottish Open at the end of the last month

Thiago was first on the mats; on his first fight of the day, after a few take-down attempts from both sides, the Berwick fighter managed to pull a beautiful takedown, scoring the first two points.

Once Thiago got the top position, his relentless pace, mixed with strong pressure made impossible for his opponent to move and with that he guaranteed his place in the final where he didn’t face any problems to eliminate his opponent in great style bringing home the gold medal.

Rolandas was the second to step on the mat, and it took him a few minutes to get into the fight, which cost his a loss by a armbar.

But he still had a chance to fight again for a place on the final.

This time he was very alert and pumped up, making things harder and not giving any chance to his opponent.

Rolandas finished the fight in under three minutes with a beautiful armbar.

In the final Rolandas faced the opponent who tapped him out on the first fight. This time he was very aware of the game plan, and with plenty of concentration and motivation,he pulled an amazing footlock, forcing the opponent to tap straight away guaranteeing another gold medal.

Thiago said: “This year, so far, has been the best for me and my team. The results speak for themselves. I have no doubt we are heading in the right direction and we have some very good young competitors following in our footsteps.”

Thiago has been part of a five weeks community project, along with Tweedmouth Middle School, where pupils from years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to experience Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Thiago did spot a number of children with great potential in the sport, and he is now looking for more support and sponsorship from the local community to develop projects where youngsters from all backgrounds have the opportunity to try out the sport as well.