Fuller wins junior Classic at Earlston

Archie Fuller winner of the 150mtr junior classic
Archie Fuller winner of the 150mtr junior classic
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Health and fitness student Charlie Carstairs put in a grade-A show to take the Champion of Champions 150m Classic title.

A large crowd witnessed the 19-year-old from Lasswade claim the £500 first prize at Earlston High School’s six-lane grass running track.

Victory in the junior 150m went the way of nine-year-old Archie Fuller of Chirnside who once again demonstrated strong front running, and the youths’ 150m was won by the ever-improving Philippa Robertson to give her a memorable double victory, having earlier won the 120m.

BA Classic results: 120 metres Junior – 1, J. Goodfellow (Jed AC); 2, A. Simpson (TLJT); 3, T. Fowler (Hawick). 15.32 seconds. 120m Youth – 1, P, Robertson (TLJT); 2, K. Browne (Gala Harriers); 3, D. Elliot (Hawick). 13.31. 120m Senior – 1, E. Pettigrew (Kelso); 2, Billy Martin (Glenrothes); 3, K. Turner (Dalkeith). 12.82.

1,500m Youth – 1, R. Britton (Leithenburn); 2, J. Brown (Gala Harriers); 3, H. Fuller (Chirnside). 4.26.00.

150m Senior – 1, A. Thomson (Jed AC); 2, K. Redpath (Wishaw) 4.07.75.

60m Junior – 1, L. Munro (TLJT); 2, A. Fisher (Chirnside); 3, A. Simpson (TLJT). 8.07. 60m Youth – 1, K. Browne (Gala Harriers); 2, E. Lowther (TLJT); R. Wicks (Leithenburn). 7.18. 60m Senior – 1, H. MacKay (Jed AC); 2, M. Shiel (Hawick); 3, M. Douglas (Jed AC). 6.54.

1,200m Classic Youth/Junior – 1, J. Agnew (Gala Harriers); 2, J. Amos (Jed AC); 3, T. Otton (Gala Harriers). 3.09.34. 1,200m Classic Senior – 1, A. Craig (TLJT); 2, B. Smith (EAC); 3, J. Thomson (Coaltown). 3.08.69.

150m Classic Junior – 1, A. Fuller (Chirnside); 2, B. Cowan (Jed AC); 3, C. Clamp (TLJT). 19.81. 150m Classic Youth – 1, P. Robertson (TLJT); 2, D. Elliot (Hawick); 3, C. Fisher (Jed AC). 17.62. 150m Classic Senior – 1, C. Carstairs (Lasswade); 2, T. Finkle (TLJT); 3, C. Grieve (Jed AC). 15.42.

After a 26-year absence, Lauder Games returned on Sunday and a crowd of around 300 witnessed Kelso teenager Euan Pettigrew, in his first season as a senior, win from Mhairi Henderson of TLJT in the 200m, while also claiming the 90m crown.