Five new records are set at BHS annual sports day

BHS annual athletics championships competition'S3 boys 100m
BHS annual athletics championships competition'S3 boys 100m
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Five new records were set at The Berwickshire High School Annual Athletics Championships held last Thursday in near perfect conditions.

The house championship was won for the second year running by Scott with Home second, Clark third and Douglas fourth. Five new records were set, some going back as far as 1975.

BHS annual athletics championships competition'S2 girls 800m

BHS annual athletics championships competition'S2 girls 800m

In the S1 girls discus Laura Wilson broke Ellenor Gracey’s 2012 record of 17.34m setting a new record of 17.35m.

In the S2 boys long jump Freddie Rooke broke Chris Davis’s 1986 record of 5.17m setting a new record of 5.50m. Freddie also broke Kris Stewart’s 1994 100m record of 11.75s setting a new record of 11.38s. Katie Browne broke Barbra Davidson’s 1975 100m record of 12.70s setting a new record of 12.65s. Katie also broke the 200m 1976 record of Susan Marshall (Hunter) of 27.70s setting a new record of 27.39s.

The individual champions were; S1 boys Reece Bowling, runner-up Thomas Hiscox. S1 girls Laura Wilson, runner-up Rosie Browne. S2 boys Freddie Rooke, runner-up Louis Heatlie. S2 girls Katie Browne, runner-up Ellenor Gracey. S3 boys Michael Thomson, runner-up Daniel Conyers. S3 girls Joanna Mitchell, runner-up Emily Runciman.

Individual results: S1 Boys - Shot, Lewis Hall 8.02. Discus, Karim Younis 22.10. Long Jump, Karim Younis 4.28. Javelin, Jordan Chapman 19.05. 100m, Reece Bowling 13.07. 200m, Reece Bowling 29.23. 800m, Callum Tharme 2.38.36. S1 Girls - Shot, Laura Wilson 6.32. Discus Laura Wilson 17.35. Long jump, Laura Wilson 4.20. Javelin, Megan Muir 13.17. 100m Zoe McCraw 13.76. 200m Laura Wilson 30.76. 800m Laura Wilson 2.55.60.

S2 Boys - Shot, Freddie Rooke 10.08. Discus Callum Watson 21.59. Long Jump, Freddie Rooke 5.50. Javelin Freddie Rooke 27.35. 100m, Freddie rooke 11.38. 200m Freddie Rooke 24.45. 800m, Freddie Rooke 2.38.36. S2 Girls - Shot, Katie Browne 7.81. Discus, Ellenor Gracey 18.79. Long jump, Katie Browne 4.60. Javelin, Alexandra Vallance 16.00. 100m,Katie Browne 12.62. 200m Katie Browne 27.39. 800m, Katie Browne 2.55.00.

S3 Boys - Shot, Emils Valters 10.51. Discus, Emils Valters 27.56. Long jump Michael Thomson 5.00. Javelin Michael Thomson 31.60. 100m, Daniel Conyers 12.55. 200m Daniel Conyers 26.75 800m, Duncan Sim 2.35.50. S3 Girls - Shot, Alana Flatman 7.38. Discus, Joanna Mitchell 15.23. Long Jump, Joanna Mitchell 4.62. Javelin, Emily Runciman 14.77. 100m Rona Fleming 14.22. 200m, Rona Fleming 30.17. 800m, Joanna Mitchell 2.57.99.