Edberg breaks collar bone and shoulder in somersault crash

Rye House Rockets 59-34 Berwick Bandits:

Alex Edberg could be out of action for months after suffering a broken collar bone and shoulder after a terrifying crash. The Bandits rider received medical attention on the track for 20 minutes before being taken to hospital, where his injuries were confirmed. He is also being treated for a head injury.

His skipper Lee Complin visited Edberg at hospital in Harlow after the meeting.

The incident took place in heat two of the Premier League meeting when Alex Edberg made the gate, but lifted going down the back straight and clipped Jason Garrity who was passing him. The Bandits rider then somersaulted along with bike and ended up on the track at the third bend.

The Rockets rider emerged unscathed, but Edberg after being treated on the track for 20 minutes Edberg was taken by hospital by the local county ambulance.

The injury overshadowed a poor performance and heavy defeat for Berwick. Rye House’s Hoddesdon track has never been a happy hunting ground for the Bandits and this trip one was no different. Sebastian Alden top scored for the visitors with 13 points.

Berwick manager Ian Rae said: “This was always going to be one of our hardest matches, but we still had high hopes until we lost Alex to injury when we knew bad was only going to get worse.

“It’s time to relegate this match to the memory banks, look forward to our next match and wish Alex all the best for a rapid recovery as he's been a vital scorer for us in recent weeks.”


Individual Riders’ Score Chart:


Rye House Rockets 59

Charlie Gjedde 3,3,3,1,0 = 10

Luke Bowen 2*,2*,1,2* = 7+3

Anders Mellgren 3,3,2,2 = 10

Ritchie Hawkins 1,2*,1*,1* = 5+3

Jordan Frampton 2,3,3,3,1 = 12

Jason Garrity ® 2*,2*,1,2 = 7+2

Jason Bunyan ® 3,1*,3,1* = 8+2


Berwick Bandits 34

Ricky Ashworth 1,1,2,2,2* = 8+1

Lubos Tomicek 0,0,0,0 = 0

Lee Complin © 2,1,1,3 = 7

David Bellego 0,0,0,3 = 3

Sebastian Alden 3,1,6^,0,3 = 13

Alex Edberg ® Fx,N,N,N = 0 withdrawn injured

Jason King ® 1,0,0,2,0,0,0 = 3