Cycling: Mitchell wins time trial

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Robbie Mitchell confirmed last year’s promise by winning Auchencrow Thistle’s season opening time trial.

He powered the five miles on the Preston-Chirnside road 11 seconds ahead of Neil Milton, with Mike Horne rounding out the podium at 58s.

There were several new faces (and bikes) on a cool, still evening, with Lester Grant impressing on his debut in fifth.

Jane Holmes was first woman on a night that saw a club best six women racing.

Family dramas emerged: Zara Milton edged her younger brother Danny, while Gus Massie was faster than his wife Katie Massie, but beaten by her aunt Judith Anderson.



1. Robbie Mitchell 12.18 PB

2. Neil Milton 12.29

3. Mike Horne 13.16 PB

4. Jane Holmes 13.45

5. Lester Grant 13.53

6. Ian Black 14.02

7. Duncan Martin 14.09

8. Greig Moore 14.20

9. Anna White 14.23 PB

10. Zara Milton 16.31

11. Danny Milton 16.48

12. Judith Anderson 16.51

13. Will McDermott 16.54

14. Alan Scott 17.04

15. Gus Massie 17.27

16. Katie Massie 17.55

17. Laura Thomson 18.58

Timing & marshalling: J. Nisbet, J. Anderson & D. Turkay.