Coldingham and Gordon through to KO Cup semi-finals

GORDon and Coldingham completed the line-up for the semi-finals of the Berwickshire Carpet Bowling Association KO Cup when they defeated Robins Nest A and Reston respectively.

The draw for the semi-finals, to be played by no later than Sunday, March 6, is as follows: Coldingham v Gordon, Langton v Ayton.

Match details were:

GORDON ... 36


Gordon - L. Craik, D. Anderson, D. Johnston, N. Kellet 14; B. Douglas, C. Donaldson, K. Donaldson, K. Robertson 22.

Robins Nest A - G. Dickson, W. Donaldson, J. Bolton, G. Hope 5; B. Logan, M. Scott, H. Robb, K. Whitecross 7.

RESTON ... 15


Reston - C. Grindley, I. Jeffrey, Sc. Jeffrey, C. Jeffrey Jnr 6; W. Niven, D. McDowell, P. Metcalf, C. Jeffrey 9.

Coldingham - K. Jeffrey, A. Jeffrey, B. Wood, D. Wood 17; L. Welsh, L. Brown, S. Jeffrey, G. Welsh 20.

League results were:


AYTON ... 42

Robins Nest B - J. Condy, K. Wallace, R. Carruthers, D. Hall 8; D. Strachan, M. Morrison, B. Hall, B. Strachan 8.

Ayton - E. Douglas, R. Weatherston, R. Blaikie, D. Young 19; A. Blaikie, G. McClean, B. Blaikie, T. Stebbing 23

Ayton won 3-0.

GORDON ... 22

HUTTON ... 18

Gordon - C. Donaldson, G. Buchanan, N. Kellet, K. Donaldson 10; L. Craik, F. Donaldson, D. Anderson, D. Johnston 12.

Hutton - S. Douglas, K. Purves, D. Raeburn, D. Gilchrist 8; J. Purves, T. Dougal, J. Pigg, D. Patterson 10.

Gordon won 3-0.



Robins Nest A - G. Dickson, M. Scott, G. Hope, H. Robb 8; B. Logan, J. Bolton, K. Whitecross, W. Donaldson 8.

Coldingham - J. Thompson, A. Jeffrey, D. Wood, B. Wood 15; L. Welsh, K. Jeffrey, G. Welsh, L. Brown 11.

Coldingham won 3-0.

FOULDEN ... 28

LANGTON ... 13

Foulden - L. Douglas, J. Jackson, G. Campbell, G. Douglas 14; J. Anderson, J. Bolton, R. Douglas, G. Forsyth 14.

Langton - P. Anderson, R. Amos, J. Craik, S. Blaikie 4; B. Cockburn, L. Craik, I. Drummond, R. Douglas 9.

Foulden won 3-0.


Week 16 (February 23) - Langton have a free week, Robins Nest A v Robins Nest B, Westruther v Gordon, Hutton v Ayton, Coldingham v Foulden.

Any raffle tickets and money should be handed to Miss L. Brown. Any club interested in any more tickets please contact L. Brown.

Entries are being taken for the Association weekend being held on Saturday and Sunday, February 26/27, in Duns Vollunteer Hall.

All entries to be in by Friday, February 18, to D. Welsh on 01361 884325 as the draw is being made on the morning of Saturday, February 19.

Entry fees are: Under 18s £2, Individual £3, Ladies £3, Pairs £5, Rinks £12.


Results from Hutton Triples played on Saturday:

Quarter-finals - C. Donaldson beat J. Jackson, K. Donaldson beat G. Campbell, B. Hedley beat J. Purvis, T. Gilchrist beat A. Jeffrey.

Semi-finals - K. Donaldson beat C. Donaldson, B. Hedley beat T. Gilchrist.

Final - K. Donaldson beat B. Hedley.


The draw for Coldingham Pairs, to be played on Saturday, February 19:

Play at 3.15pm - Scott Jeffrey v K. Hay, B. Wood v D. Kerr, A.N. Other v Dylan Kerr, K. Jeffrey v K. Purves. Play at 4pm - C. Jeffrey Jnr v T. Dougal, G. Smith v C. Young Snr, K. Wallace v D. Young, R. Runciman v G. Welsh.

Play at 5.30pm - D. Patterson v I. Drummond, L. Brown v A. Donaghue, A. Jeffrey v G. Duncan, J. Thomson v D.Raeburn. Play at 6.15pm - G. Forsyth v K. Whitecross, S.K. Jeffrey v J. Bolton, H. Robb v J. Craik, A. Blair v G. Douglas.