Carr to get a helping hand with his bikes

Liam Carr at the Berwick Bandits press and practice night
Liam Carr at the Berwick Bandits press and practice night

As Berwick prepare to take on Sheffield in the KO Cup this weekend, it has been revealed that Liam carr is to get a helping hand with his equipment.

AsBandits’ director George Hepburn says Claus Vissing is planning to help the local teenager, who is making his debut PL season with his home-town club.

“Claus plans to have a look at Liam’s set-up this coming week,” said Hepburn. “He is going to swap his engines over so hopefully we should see an improvement in his scoring.”

Carr drew a blank from four starts against the Diamonds, but Hepburn said: “We knew this would be a learning curve for Liam, but he is not far away and we have always said we will give him time to find his feet.”

The Bandits race at Sheffield on Thursday with the return at Shielfield on Saturday and Hepburn says he is confident they can win through to meet Edinburgh in the next round.

“I think that if we can keep it reasonably close in the away leg we have a chance on aggregate,” he said.

Berwick will be without David Bellego for the home leg of the tie as he is away racing in a World U21 qualifier and rider replacement will operate.

Meanwhile, Hepburn is predicting a big year for the club’s winter signing Claus Vissing.

The Dane has been in fine form since the start of the season, and an 11+1 paid maximum in his opening Premier League meeting against Newcastle on Saturday was his third ‘full house’ at Shielfield in 2014.

“I don’t think there will be many riders beating Claus around Shielfield this season,” said Hepburn.

“The track is prepared with all the riders in mind, but Claus in particular revels in the way it is set up.”