Bronze for Rutherford at Meadowbank

Foulden based East March Judo club were at Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh on Sunday to compete at Judo Scotland’s Ultimate Open 2015.

Johnny Rutherford (11) from Foulden narrowly lost his first fight but came back onto the mat more focused and determined and went on to win three consecutive fights comfortably securing the bronze medal for the A Band Boys U42kg.

Next on the mat was Chirnside’s Caitlin Black (13) competing for the first time as a Pre Cadet. She fought very well against some much bigger girls winning one fight but missing out on the medals.

Foulden’s David Fotheringham (15) had his first competition as a Cadet and experienced strangles and arm locks for the first time. He fought strongly but was unable to secure a win and only lost his last fight due to a technicality.

Last up was Burnmouth’s Ellie Mohally (15) also in her first year as a Cadet. She was up against more experienced girls and although putting up some good fights she was also unable to secure a placing.

Coaches George Tones and Gavin Smith were mat side for all the fights.