Borders win at Camelon but Chirnside lose out in Top 10 finals

THE Borders travelled to Camelon to take on Stirlingshire East in the fifth match of the Hamilton Trophy series and secured a hard fought win by 126-116.

The highest up rink for the Borders was Matthew Fairley (Coldstream), Sufi Omari (Ayton), Malcolm Thin (Melrose) and Ian Crawford (Melrose). They were 9-3 up after five ends and a count of five on the last end saw them win the match by 10 shots.

David Smart (Peebles), Craig Elliot (Waverley), Ralph Nicholson (Waverley) and Neil McNally (Melrose) had a hard game and although they were five shots up at one stage they fell behind with three ends to play. They scored seven crucial shots in two ends at a time when the result was in doubt and ended 21-17 in front.

The third winning rink was Reece Taylor (Wilton), Chris Macdougall (Wilton), Stuart White (Kelso) and Graeme Forsyth (Chirnside). This rink was also four shots adrift at one stage but nine shots in three ends gave them a five shot advantage which they managed to keep right to the end.

Skips and scores as follows (Borders first): Robert Kerr 17 S. Hogg 24, Neil McNally 21 S. Williamson 17, Ian Crawford 25 C. Ross 15, David Miller Jnr 21 S. Thomson 21, Graeme Forsyth 24 G. Crosbie 19, Ross Nichol 18 S. Glen 20. Borders 126 Stirlingshire East 116.

The Under 25 team was in action against Fife looking to consolidate the situation following their fine win against East Lothian in the first match. Unfortunately with some key players missing they were unable to secure a win.

Also on Sunday Chirnside represented the Borders in the semi-finals of the Top 10 at Colinton. They are the first Borders club ever to reach this final stage of the Scottish Top 10 Competition and after good wins in the earlier rounds faced a tough proposition playing Kirkliston from West Lothian.

The green was very heavy following the heavy rains of the previous few days which did not help them however although the fours and triples had bad starts they soon settled down and all four categories of matches were very close contests. In the singles Robert Patterson had the edge in the first half of the match but fell away towards the end.

However the pairs, triples and fours were all still closely fought matches and with a bit of luck a victory overall was still possible. In the pairs Brian Robertson and Leslie Mitchell played very well and even though they fell away at one stage they fought back and might well have won. The same was true for Gavin Douglas, Jamie Mitchell and Graeme Forsyth in the triples but they also suffered a narrow defeat.

In the fours David Buglass, Derek Gilchrist, Graham Turner and James Black found the going the toughest and although the Chirnside team finally lost by 8-0 it had been a valiant effort on their part.