Berwick Bandits 46-44 Workington Comets

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Berwick came from six points down to win a dramatic last heat decider against old rivals Workington at Shielfield.

The Bandits, down to six riders after a heavy fall involving David Bellego, trailed 33-39 with only three races remaining, but with Claus Vissing, Matty Wethers and surprise packet Steen Jensen all instrumental in the fightback, they managed to stage a recovery.

With Bellego falling onnthe first bend of the first race, and Liam Carr also coming to grief exiting the fourth bend in heat two, Workington took advantage to establish an early 4-8 lead.

Matej Kus and Wethers got Berwick back on level terms with a 5-1 in three, and with Vissing looking good as he won his first two races in some style, the home side moved 23-19 in front, althoughbthe Comets still posed a threat, particularly through their top two of Josh Grajczonek and Rene Bach.

Berwick started to falter, however, when Bellego took a pearler of a crash trying to go around Ashley Morris on the third bend in heat eight.

He smashed at speed into the safety fence and was withdrawn from the meeting with a suspected shoulder injury.

The visitors sensed the meeting was not over and a 2-4 and 1-5 in successive races put them 29-31 in front.

Vissing then suffered his only defeat of the night in 11, on the wrong end of a Grajczonek - Mason Campton 1-5, and at 30-36 the meeting was starting to slip away from the Bandits.

A win for Ricky Wells in 12 maintained the Comets’ advantage, Jensen performing heroics at the back to pass Chris Mills for a vital third place.

Vissing and Kevin Doolan then took a 4-2 over Grajczonek in 13, and when Jensen sped from the gate in 14, Wethers passing Morris to follow Kyle Howarth home in third, the gap was cut to 41-43 and a last heat decider was on the cards.

After a nervy start, Vissing and Wethers made the gate in the re-run and managed to hold off Wells and Grajczonek all the way to the flag for what had earlier looked like an improbable victory.

Berwick - Kevin Doolan 3,2,0,1 6; David Bellego Fx,1,Fx,N 1+1; Matej Kus 3,1*,0,2 6+1; Matthew Wethers 2*,2,2,1,2* 9+2; Claus Vissing 3,3,1,3,3 13; Liam Carr Fx,1,0,N 1; Steen Jensen 1,1,3,1,1*,3 10+1

Workington - Josh Grajczonek 2,3,3,2,R 10; Mason Campton 1*,0,2,2* 5+2; Ricky Wells 1,2,2*,3,1 9+1; Kyle Howarth 0,R,3,2 5; Rene Bach 0,3,3,0 6; Chris Mills 3,R,1,0 4; Ashley Morris 2* 2 1* 0 5+2.