Bandits slip up in Challenge Trophy final

Berwick's Robin Aspegren chases Rockets rider Anders Mellgren. Picture by: Ian Bush
Berwick's Robin Aspegren chases Rockets rider Anders Mellgren. Picture by: Ian Bush
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Rye House Rockets 58-35 Berwick Bandits

(Rye House win 99-89 on aggregate)

Berwick Bandits failed to finish their season with silverware last night when they lost by 23 points in the second leg of the Premier Challenge Trophy final.

The Bandits travelled to Rye House last night in their attempt to take some late glory in the Premier Challenge Trophy, but on a track that has rarely suited the Borders raiders in years gone by, they found the going tough.

That 23-point margin of victory gave the Rockets the trophy by 10 clear points on aggregate, but the home side still had to fight off some stern tests given to them by Sebastian Alden, who took two good wins for Berwick.

Robin Aspegren took Berwick’s first race win in the third heat ahead of the impressive Anders Mellgren, but David Bellego slid off mid race to end up with a zero in the shared 3-3 taking the score in the night to 11-7.

Alden became the visitors’ second heat winner in the sixth ahead of Simon Lambert and the fast racing Kevin Doolan in another 3-all result with the Bandits now 22-14 down, and over all just led by five slender points on aggregate.

Come Heat Eight the Bandits found themselves floundering 31-17 with their team manager nominating Alden for double points in a tactical ride in Heat Nine in which he stormed the race to take a fine six points in the Bandit’s advantage 3-6 to take the score to 34-23.

Aspegren was also nominated as a tactical ride in Heat 12 but despite Nicki Barrett taking a fine win, he found himself stuck at the rear and ended up on zero having fallen behind Lambert and Mellgren in the 3-3 result.

Jason Bunyan and Kevin Doolan combined in the winning 5-1 in Heat 13 ahead of Barrett and Alden as Berwick’s guest Ryan Fisher had already been excluded for touching the tapes and with the score now at 49-32, the 90-86 aggregate was starting to get beyond the Bandits’ reach.

Kasper Lykke’s win in Heat 14 clinched the title for the Rockets as the Bandits collapsed to a 9-3 defeat over the last three races of the night.


Rye House Rockets

Kevin Doolan (guest) 3,1*,1*,2*,3 = 10+3

Luke Bowen – Rider replacement

Anders Mellgren 2,3,1*,2,1* = 9+2

Jason Garrity 0,1*,1,2,1 = 5+1

Jason Bunyan © 3,3,3,3,3 = 15

Kasper Lykke Nielsen ® 2*,2*,1,3,2* = 10+3

Simon Lambert ® 3,1,2,1,2 = 9

Berwick Bandits

Ryan Fisher (guest) 2,2,R,N2 = 4

Micky Dyer 1*,0,2,2,0 = 5+1

Robin Aspegren 3,1,0,F^ = 4

David Bellego X,0,3,2 = 5

Sebastian Alden © 2,3,6^,0,1 = 12

Joe Jacobs (guest) ® 0,0,0,N = 0

Nicki Barrett ® 1,0,0,3,1,0 = 5