Bandits fail to get a grip at Redcar

Redcar Bears 58 Berwick Bandits 36

THE Berwick Bandits opened their end of season Premier Challenge Trophy series with a wet visit to the Redcar Bears on Thursday night.

The heavens opened about half an hour before start time flooding the stadium but both sides were fully committed to getting the match completed and remedial work was done to allow the match to start a little later than planned.

Former Bandit, Czech Matej Kus has hit a purple patch of form right now and showed he meant business against his former side blasting Heat One apart with a big win over Bandit’s teenage guest (in for Ricky Ashworth) Nick Morris in a home 4-2.

Max Dilger and Jade Mudgway knew Berwick were determined to avenge last month’s drubbing on Teesside but made the Bandits’ reserves, guest Tom Perry and Klaus Jakobsen suffer with a solid home 5-1 in the second taking the score to 9-3.

Robin Aspegren raised Bandits’ hopes in Heat Three with an equally impressive win ahead of another former Berwick rider, Aussie Kevin Doolan, but with Aaron Summers relegating David Bellego to the rear the heat could only be shared 3-3.

Doolan rapidly made up for his lost point by taking Heat Five by storm, followed home by his skipper Summers over Micky Dyer and Morris who suffered a fall mid-race on the tricky surface pushing the Bears 10-up.

Sebastian Alden was nominated as a tactical ride in Heat Six for double points and made a good race of it, but has to settle for a second for four points behind the all-action (and another former Bandit) Carl Wilkinson as part of a split 4-4 moving the totals on to 24-14.

Dilger was excluded for a spectacular fall at the gate in Heat Seven when his machine flipped up from under him, but his replacement Mudgway held Bellego at the back once more with Kus taking his third win of the night up front in a home 4-2 whilst both Bandits, Perry and Dyer, fell on the opening bend of Heat Eight with Perry excluded from the re-run, which ended another Bears’ 4-2.

Alden gave the visiting fans more to cheer with a good determined Heat Nine win over Doolan who also scuppered the second tactical from the Bandits when he held out the close attentions of Aspegren in Heat 10’s 4-4 draw taking the score to 39-25.

Morris took Heat 11 by storm, but again a shared 3-3 made no dent on the deficit as Aspegren did in the 12th an Morris again in the 13th, which were more of the same 3-3 a-piece taking the score to 48-34 with the lead now well out of reach for the travelling Bandits.

Redcar finished the match by extending the winning margin and put themselves into pole position in group one of the Premier Challenge Trophy leaving Berwick with a game of catch-up already.

Club co-owner John Anderson said: “We seem to have a block when it comes to taking a good result from Redcar in 2012 and tonight really was no different, but we can still qualify for the PCT Final so long as we really up our game from now on.”

Bandits now take on the Glasgow Tigers on Saturday night at Shielfield Park (7pm) again in the Premier Challenge.

Redcar Bears 58

Ulrich Ostergaard – Rider replacement

Carl Wilkinson 1,3,3,1,1* = 9+1

Kevin Doolan 2,3,2,3,2,2* = 14+1

Aaron Summers © 1*,2*,1,1*,3 = 8+3

Matej Kus 3,3,3,1*,2,3 = 15+1

Max Dilger ® 3,X,2,2* = 7+1

Jade Mudgway ® 2*,0,1,1,1* = 5+2

Berwick Bandits 36

Nick Morris (guest) 2,F,3,3,Fx = 8

Micky Dyer 0,1,2,9 = 3

Robin Aspegren 3,2,4^,3,1 = 13

David Bellego 0,0,0,1 = 1

Sebastian Alden ® 2,4^,3,0 = 9

Klaus Jakobsen ® 0,0,0,0 = 0

Tom Perry (Guest) ® 1,1*,Fx,0 = 2+1

The club’s management have been offering reduced admission prices for their recent meetings and spectators will again enjoy admission to Saturday’s meeting (September 29th) for only £10, with children under 16 accompanied by a supervising adult being admitted FREE.

Berwick Speedway’s major shareholder John Anderson is continuing with the scheme of reduced admission prices in a bid to help families enjoy a night at the skids without busting their household budget: “We have to be sensible and realise, especially in this area, that money is a commodity to be looked after carefully, and a family of four cannot always afford to come to speedway on a weekly basis.

“With our ‘kids free and £10 for everyone else’ deal we are hoping that ‘word of mouth’ will continue to spread the news and Berwick Speedway on a Saturday night will be seen as real value for money, as well as spectacularly-thrilling evening’s entertainment.

“We are under no illusions - attracting support for any form of entertainment is not easy. But we have been delighted with the response so far when reduced admission charges were applied, and will maintain the reduction right through to the end of the season next month.

“We are in the entertainment business, and we want to attract people who will make a Saturday night out at Shielfield their summer hobby – this week, in a fortnight and all next year.”