Bandits end Premier League season with defeat

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Workington Comets 54-39 Berwick Bandits

On a bitterly cold night, Berwick Bandits completed the 2012 Premier League campaign with a defeat in a match which had little meaning to either side.

It proved hard for either side to warm up to the task in hand although come the end of Heat Six the home side had proven they wanted to go out on a high leading by 23-13 and the quality of racing and commitment went through the roof.

Perhaps with a big national final coming up for the Bandits 24 hours later their minds may have been on the important meetings to come, but in heat seven they tried to re-group with a tactical ride nomination for Robin Aspegren but with David Bellego relinquishing an early lead to a determined Ricky Wells but behind the man on double points came from the back to pass Ashley Morris but Bellego didn’t slow enough to allow his partner through for a doubled four score resulting in a 3-4 result instead.

Tero Aarnio wound on the power to fly round both Micky Dyer and his Comets’ partner Kyle Howarth to set up another home maximum 5-1 taking the score to 31-18 but Berwick finally began to thaw out with a superb Heat Nine in which he roared round both Rene Bach and Aarnio coming off a lightning bend two.

Aarnio flew back to lead half a lap later but went out of control on the last bend to allow Alden back through for a great win which was followed up in Heat 10 by Berwick’s second win on the night this time by Aspegren who won by a mile in a 3-3 taking the score to 37-24.

Berwick’s guest Theo Pijper was the tactical man in Heat 11 and tried every move he could to get past Morris for second place but going down the back straight on the third lap he succeeded for four points in the shared race.

With the racing now really outshining the meeting’s meaningfulness Aspegren shot past Bach down the back straight of Heat 12, and then overhauled Howarth in another excellent move in the 3-3 with the score moving on to 44-31.

The Comets turned the screws tighter over Heats 13 and 14 but Aspegren again excelled passing Richard Lawson off bend two as Bach passed Alden on bend three but the Comet was subsequently excluded for putting both wheels over the inside white line in the final 2-4 to the Bandits ending the match at 54-39.


Workington Comets: Richard Lawson (captain) 12+1, Kenny Ingalls - Rider-replacement, Rene Bach 10, Tero Aarnio 8+1, Ricky Wells (Guest) 6, Ashley Morris 5+2, Kyle Howarth 13+3

Berwick Bandits: Theo Pijper (Guest) 9+1, Micky Dyer 4+1, Robin Aspegren 13+1, David Bellego 3, Sebastian Alden (captain) 8+1, Liam Carr (NL Guest) 0, James McBain (Guest) 2+1.