Bandits’ bosses warn of legal action over slander

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Berwick Speedway have issued a statement warning of possible legal action against persons making ‘slanderous’ comments about them on social networking sites.

A statement issued by the club on Monday said:

“It has been brought to the attention of the Directors of Berwick Bandits Speedway Club Ltd that certain individuals are using social network sites to make slanderous statements about them.

“The Directors of Berwick Bandits Speedway Club Ltd can categorically assure fans that we have not taken a penny from the club and that all monies raised within the stadium or through sponsorship or advertising is spent on the business of the club.

“Since taking over, the current Directors have had to put personal money in each year to ensure the club’s survival.

“The Directors appreciate the rights of individuals to have an opinion on the running of the club and have often stated that we will listen to fans comments and act upon them whenever possible.

“However, the current statements by certain individuals make it necessary for the Directors to advise that slanderous statements will result in appropriate legal action to ensure the integrity of the club and its Directors.”