Bandits boss issues public apology

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Berwick promoter John Anderson has issued a public apology, and an explanation, following events surrounding Saturday’s abandoned meeting against Redcar.

“The circumstances were truly exceptional,” he said, “but we are aware we had to ask spectators to wait an undue length of time – it was 67 minutes -before resuming racing after Heat 6. For this, we fully and deeply apologise.

“It is perhaps necessary to explain that, for the first time I can ever recall, the Medical Officer in control of the event became unwell to the extent he chose to leave the stadium, taking – I believe – a taxi to Alnwick to collect his car (he had travelled up with our First Aid Team) and then back to his Tyneside base.”

“The club has, as a matter of courtesy spoken to the Paramedic since the weekend to check on his wellbeing and he has apologised for having to withdraw in such circumstances.

“It appears - and we do not wish to breach confidences - but he is experiencing acute personal emotional problems which were severely compounded by a family telephone call during the meeting, which affected him to such an extent he felt no longer able to carry out his official duties.”

The delay was caused in waiting for a doctor to arrive as cover.

“At present, we fully observe the guidelines of the Speedway Control Bureau, and although we would love to have a second medical person at every meeting, if it was possible.”