Athletics: New Year Sprint marks

Cameron Tindle crossing the finishing line in the 146th running of the New Year Sprint at Musselburgh Racecourse
Cameron Tindle crossing the finishing line in the 146th running of the New Year Sprint at Musselburgh Racecourse
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The heats of the 147th New Year Sprint were drawn at Musselburgh Racecourse where 12 heats were drawn with eight runners in the first four heats and seven runners in the remaining eight heats.

Backmarkers were seeded in each heat.

Heat winners and the eight fastest losers progress to the four cross-ties (semi-finals). Cross-tie winners and the four fastest losers make up the eight strong final.

Heats will be staged on Wednesday, December 30 at Meadowmill Stadium while the cross-ties and final are due to be held on Friday, January 1 at the traditional Musselburgh Racecourse venue.

Heat One: Albert Eland (Broughton) 30m; Scott Richardson (Jedforest AC) 10.5m; Ryan Charters (Dolphinton) 11m; Kieran Kivlin (Edinburgh AC) 6.25m; Craig Bruce (Selkirk) 12m; William Hutchison (Lasswade AC) 11m; Sarah Ross (Pitreavie AC) 24m; Laura McCracken (East Kilbride AC) 19m.

Heat Two: Rory Muir (Dundee HH) 9.5m; John Fleming (Kelso) 11.75m; Corey Wilson (Hawick) 12.5m; Greg Turnbull TLJT 6.75m; Liam Halliday (Central AC) 10.5m; Callum McWilliam (Giffnock N AAC) 9.5m; Bethan Malley (Whitemoss AC) 23.5m; Steven Beattie (Wishaw) 9m.

Heat Three: Thomas Bradley (Edinburgh) 28.5m; Cara Murdoch (Larkhall AC) 19.5m; Cameron Grieve (TLJT) 10.0m; Moro Bajo (Edinburgh AC) 5m; David Rae (Hawick) 12.5m; Craig Sowerby (Seaton AC) 11.5m; Daniel Paxton (Hawick) 10m; Victoria Stephen (Dunfermline T & F) 23m.

Heat Four: Stacey Downie (Edinburgh AC) 17.25m; Geoff Keen (Selkirk) 15m; Kevin Wilson (Kelty) 12m; Craig Knowles (Costorphine AC) 6.5m; Jazmine Tomlinson (TLJT) 20.5m; Cameron Smith (Tullibody) 11.5m; Colin Bruce (Selkirk) 15m; Billy Martin (Glenrothes) 12m.

Heat Five: John Armstrong (Leith) 11.25m; Doug Donald (Oakham) 17.5m; Martin Barr (East Kilbride AC) 12m; Cameron Tindle (Edinburgh AC) 2m; Ryan Houten (Cardrona) 9m; Sarah Malone (Edinburgh AC) 19.75m; Darren Towart (Tynedale) 12m.

Heat Six: Claire Routledge (Carlisle) 23m; Connor Gillan (Kelso) 10m; Cal McLennan (Edinburgh AC) 9.5m; Sandy Wilson (Edinburgh AC) 7m; Wendy Nicol (Dunfermline T & F) 32.5m; Francis Smith (Woodford G AC) 9.5m; Jessie Concannon (Dunfermline T & F) 20.5m.

Heat Seven: Kevin Eddie (Kelty) 10.75m; Kieran Halliday (Central AC) 12.5m; Richard Eland (Broughton) 20m; Greg Gillan (Eyemouth) 8.5m; Leon Ali (Hawick) 11.25m; Gordon McPherson (Hawick) 14m; Glyn Desport (Hawick) 10m.

Heat Eight: Alan Stewart (Chiltern AC) 11m; Scott Elliot (Jedburgh) 17m; Jack Wilson (Hawick) 12.75m; Steven Charters (Dolphinton) 8m; Angus Johnstone (TLJT) 12m; Cumbie Bowers (Glenrothes) 8.75m; Jordan Charters (Dolphinton) 11m.

Heat Nine: Craig Douglas (Selkirk) 26m; Joe Capocci (Newcastle) 9.5m; Steven Park (Edinburgh) 8.5m; Michael Olsen (Edinburgh AC) 6.5m; Liam Collins (Tynedale) 10m; Rachel Robertson (Lasswade AC) 21.5m; Gabby Rothwell-Blake (Manchester) 23m.

Heat Ten: James Beattie (Kelty) 33m; Emily Dagg (Edinburgh AC) 21.5m; Daniel Njal Blyth RC 9.5m; David Brand (Dunfermline T & F) 8m; Lee Goodfellow (TLJT) 11.5m; Eoin Lowther (Jedburgh) 12m; David Rothwell (Manchester) 25.5m.

Heat Eleven: Keiran Reilly (Lasswade AC) 8.75m; Callum Fields (East Kilbride AC) 10.5m; Lynsey Cooch (Dunfermline) 24m; Dylan Ali (Hawick) 5m; Daniel Moore (Morpeth) 10m; Iskan Barskanmay (Jedburgh AC) 9.5m; Bob Douglas (Balerno) 26m.

Heat Twelve: Cameron Fisher (Jedforest AC) 12.5m; Amy Clancy (Peebles) 21.5m; Darren Tomlinson (TLJT) 16.75m; Greg Kelly (East Kilbride AC) 8m; Jonathan McKenna (Edinburgh) 15m; Hope Robertson (Lockerbie) 22m; Charlie Carstairs (Lasswade AC) 9.25m.