Ashworth not yet fully aware of how serious his accident was

Ricky Ashworth
Ricky Ashworth

The family of Berwick speedway rider Ricky Ashworth have issued an update on his progress.

Ashworth sustained head injuries when he was involved ina heavy crash whilst riding for the Bandits at Scunthorpe in early August.

He spent 91 days in a coma in hospital in Hull before being transferred to a unit closer to his home in Salford, Greater Manchester.

This week, Ashworth’s father Dave, who has kept a constant bedside vigil, issued the following statement:

“Ricky is still not completely aware of how severe his accident actually was.

“He still believes he will be up and racing as soon as he is home.

“Ricky is on a lot of medication as he is suffering jaw mycolonic spasms caused by his brain injury. Doctors are unsure as to whether Ricky will be left with these or not.

“He’s in a lot of pain when having them and they are rare. Hopefully they will find a cure. As well as being worn out through his rehab, the drugs he is on are also a sedative, and also tire him out.

“Ricky is usually in very good spirits, although he has times of very low periods where he is very emotional. I tell him how well he looks and how well he’s doing and it soon changes the mood.

“We are constantly telling him about the support from his friends, family and fans and he cannot believe it. He has said he can’t wait to thank everybody as soon as he can. He promises, and if Ricky makes a promise he will keep to it.

“In rehabilitation, Ricky is now learning how to balance and with two people holding him, he is able to put one foot in front of the other, and focus on where he is asked to try to walk to. His co-ordination is a huge task to rehabilitate too.

“Ricky still has a long way to go, however, he is a remarkable young man and will never give up. I’m so privileged to have the bond I have with my son. He’s the bravest fighter and most dignified man I have and will ever meet.

“Thank you everyone for your on-going support.”

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