Ashworth moved closer to home

Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth
Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth

Berwick speedway rider Ricky Ashworth has been moved to a hospital closer to his home in Salford.

Ashworth, who has been in a coma ever since his accident at Scunthorpe at the beginning of August, was moved from Hull Infirmary, having previously spent several weeks on a life support machine.

A statement issued by the Bandits last week said Ashworth was moved on Wednesday afternoon ‘to be closer to his family.’

Previously his family had been making daily 400-mile round trips to be at his bedside, now they are ‘just down the road.’

Promoters John Anderson and Dennis McCleary and team manager Ian Rae visited Ashworth and his family on Sunday at the Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester.

Afterwards McCleary commented: “It was good for us to get the chance to visit Ricky, the first chance we have had since he moved there from Hull, last week.

“He continues to make daily progress under the superb care of the staff at Salford Royal and the support of his lovely family who are now just a few miles away from the hospital.

“Dave, Pam and the family will continue to keep us updated on Ricky’s progress on a regular basis and if and when we can pass on updates to fans we will certainly do so.”

A special benefit meeting for Ashworth, involving riders representing Berwick and Sheffield is to be held at Shielfield on September 28.

The event will be sponsored by the Supporters’ Club and many clubs and organisations across the country have also pledged their support.

“But I stress we still have races and riders available to sponsor,” said director George Hepburn, “so please email or Tel@ 01289 307707. It is £100 a heat or the same for a rider.”

The meeting is 13 heats of the ‘old style’ formula and in the second half there will be a cash prize for the winner of the Ricky Ashworth Trophy.

Details on admission will be announced shortly.