Ashworth allowed to make home visits

Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth
Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth
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Former Berwick Bandits’ skipper Ricky Ashworth is now being allowed to make brief home visits as he continues his recovery from injury.

Ashworth, who spent 91 days in a coma following an on-track accident last year, remains in hospital where he receives rehabilitation treatment, but he is being allowed home at weekends.

Unfortunately, Ricky’s injuries have left him with severe ataxia (affecting balance, co-ordination and speech) as well as potentially serious myoclonis spasms in his face, and affecting his ability to swallow food. His consultant is constantly working to find the drug which will ease this particular condition.

Dad Dave says that it is safe to say ‘the old Ricky has gone and we now have a new version.’

Paul Ackroyd said how much his family, who have been by his side every day of the nine months since the accident, have been helping him to bounce back from any low moods by telling him how much support he has from speedway fans all over the world.