Amy does the double at Kelso Border Games

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Peebles sprinter Amy Clancy pulled off a stunning double when triumphing in both the 100 metres handicap and 200 metres handicap events at Kelso Border Games at Poynder Park on Sunday.

In doing so Clancy put herself into the record books in being the first female athlete to achieve this honour at senior level at a Borders Games meeting.

Coached by Charlie Russell, Clancy, who has been showing up well throughout the season through some impressive running, firstly nailed her colours to the mast in the 100 metres handicap. David Hush of Hawick (22m) came in second and Holly McKay of Jed AC (21.5m) third.

Clancy’s glory afternoon however was far from over.

Pulled a metre for her sprint success and competing from 42 metres instead of her original mark of 43 metres, Clancy duly appeared in the 200 metres handicap which had the biggest prize money of the meeting.

A different distance it may have been but Clancy nevertheless came up with the same winning formula and in an exciting final, Clancy ran a superb race to once again edge out Hush (49m) on the tape.

Full Games report and pictures in this week’s Southern Reporter.


Youths’ 800m: 1, S. Yates (Jed AC) 235m; 2, J. Kinghorn (Chirnside) 165m; 3, A. Pilcher (Kelso) 210m. Winning time: 1 minute 55.89 seconds.

800m Open: 1, G. Law (Hawick) 200m; 2, J. McIntosh (Kelso) 70m; 3, A. Thompson (Jed AC) 70m. 1 minute 54.09 seconds.

100m Open: 1, A. Clancy (Peebles) 18m; 2, D. Hush (Hawick) 22m; 3, H. Mackay (Jed AC) 21.5m. 10.65 seconds.

Youths’ B 100m: 1, J. Wodehouse (Leithenburn) 19m; 2, A. Bryce (TLJT) 17.5m; 3, G. May (TLJT) 26m. 11.39 seconds.

Youths’ A 100m: 1, S. Turnbull (Peebles) 21m; 2, C. Tindle (Berwick) -2m; 3, A. Johnstone (TLJT) 11m. 11.26 seconds.

1600m Open: 1, D. Whiteford (Innerleithen) 165m; 2, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 165m; 3, N. Cox (Morpeth Harriers) 10m. 4 minutes 23.95 seconds.

Youths’ 1600m: 1, J. Brown (Chirnside) 365m; 2, B. Reynolds (Chirnside) 385m; 3, J. Amos (Jed AC) 345m. 4 minutes 19.04 seconds.

200m Open: 1, A. Clancy (Peebles) 42m; 2, D. Hush (Hawick) 49m; 3, B. Martin (Markinch) 26m. 20.42 seconds.

Youths’ B 200m: 1, A. Bryce (TLJT) 36m; 2, M. Hope (Hawick) 57m; 3, I. Lewis (Peebles) 51m. 23.07 seconds.

Youths’ A 200m: 1, N. Turnbull (Peebles) 40m; 2, C. Fisher (Jed AC) 23m; 3, L. Munro (Jed AC) 33m. 23.13 seconds.