Little throws hat into the ring

IAN Little, who has been placed in charge of the team for the next three games, believes he is ready to make the step up from assistant to manager at Berwick Rangers.

‘Yano’, as he is known, plans to apply for the job vacated by his former boss Jimmy Crease. After seven years at Shielfield, he hopes the directors at the club will give him his chance and let him take his first steps onto the managerial ladder.

“I have been serving my apprenticeship, if you like,” he said. “I always hoped that one day I might be able to prove my worth and this might be my time to step up to the plate, but in all honesty I wish it was under different circumstances.

“Jimmy’s departure didn’t exactly take me by surprise, but the manner of it did. I didn’t expect my chance to come like this. I know Jimmy had a strong bond with the club, as I do as well after all these years.

“I have a passion about it and I hope that comes though in my application. It is something I very much want to do, but of course I realise there will be other people interested, and some of them will have a lot more experience than me.”

The 38 year-old, who is based in Tranent, says that his love of the club dates back to his days as a teenager. He has family links with Ormiston as well and the two clubs always used to look to each other when it came to sourcing players.

Little, who was in charge of coaching during Crease’s reign, helped out with some of the other jobs in a managerial capacity and he says he hopes the club thinks he has enough about him to give him his chance.

“I know it will mean an extra workload, but I think I am up to it. The important thing is to have good people around you,” he said. “I have been asked to take charge of the team for the next three games, until the applications close, and I realise that some people will want to judge me on those three games.

“Whether or not that’s right or fair I don’t know, but I know it will happen because I will be picking the team.

“I have my own views and my own thoughts on how the team should be run, but I will keep them to myself for the time being.

“Jimmy and I often had fall-outs over one thing or another, but hey, that’s football.”

Little, who was a member of the championship-winning side under John Coughlin, says former players like ‘Coff,’ Paul Smith, Tom Hendrie and Crease all proved themselves to be the most successful managers at Berwick in recent times.

“I think they have all had the best interests of the club at heart and in that respect I would like to be the next in line,” he said.

“It’s all about bettering yourself and moving on, and whilst I’m disappointed Jimmy has gone I realise this is an opportunity for me. Having had the taste of management as an assistant I realise that I like it and I want to take it on from here.

“So yes I am interested in the manager’s job and I will be applying for it. I really like the club and I want to take it forward.”