Ladies lose opener

Whitley Bay4


Berwick travelled to North Shields for their first league game of the season which started in their favour with Michelle Stewart quickly setting Haley Garland up for a strike on goal, but the Whitley Bay defence quickly confirmed their strength,

Whitley applied pressure but Michelle Stewart and Michelle Gray made a break where Berwick had five consecutive shots on goal but couldn’t find the back of the net.

The home side quickly came back at Berwick to score their first goal of the game. They were then awarded a penalty corner but Katie Huddart made an excellent save keeping the score down.

Berwick had some good play but with Stewart spending an ever increasing amount of time on the floor Berwick just couldn’t get on the score board.

Whitley extended their lead from a penalty corner and late in the half Garland had a shot on goal which was saved by the keeper. Garland to have a shot on goal which was saved by the keeper.

Berwick started well in the second half, but another penalty corner saw them fall 3-0 behind. Stewart then ran full pitch creating a penalty corner with no avail,

Berwick kept on fighting but Whitley scored again to complete a comfortable 4-0 victory.